What I Learned When I turned 40

 It's been a long road and to be honest I wasn't sure if I was even going to make it to 40. I have to say, now that my 41st birthday is just weeks away, I feel different about a lot of different aspects in my life. I've always had people tell me (older than me of course) you'll feel different when your 40, and dammit they were right. I also strangely feel like the youngest old person in the room nowadays. I never knew that was even a thing? 

Anyway, this post is strictly from my point of view and my own opinion, but if you relate, then you know you're not alone!

1. If you are a Gen X, Older Millennial, or Xennial you don't age.

Maybe it was all the Twinkies we ate as kids, or the toxins we absorbed drinking out of a hose, but a good majority of us have not been aging. To be honest I know in my family we just have good genes, but I have noticed that my fellow 40 yr old's (and older) look much younger than our predecessors. It's a blessing and a curse for people to think I'm my daughter's sister or friend, but to be honest it's more annoying than anything.


2. I just don't care anymore.

Now I know what you're thinking. You think that maybe I'm just closed off from the world because of the pandemic (though it didn't help). I'm definitely at the age where teenagers think I'm old. In fact if you don't think I'm old, it's because you're old too. But in all honesty I just don't care. I mind my own business, I don't dabble in gossip unless it's super juicy,I have even stopped socializing, even on social media. I will almost never comment on anything because it's all just endless chatter. And if I'm put in a situation that doesn't need me, I politely exit. I no longer add myself to anything. Plus my patience has been stretched thin, so there's that.

3. Friends come and go and it's okay...

I am an extreme social butterfly, the definition of an extrovert. The last couple of years have taught me that I have shared my energy with people who didn't deserve it. I also had to learn that it was okay to let these people go. For the rest of you that I hold dearly in my heart, it's soul crushing to not be able to see you and feel your warm hugs. This pandemic has been devastating on so many levels, yet I'm glad it has opened my eyes to what really matters. 

It might not seem like much, but these 3 major things that I have learned from turning 40, and not just turning 40, but surviving through a pandemic, have been life changing. It's been hard to post here this year. I've been spending a lot less time online, and more time in reality. And it's such a strange reality on top of that. 

xoxo Eeka


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