Current mood: Sassy

I took this picture with the cat filter because my adorable grand-kitten Lyra was sitting right next me. She is a super sassy kitty and I was trying to match her. I also can be pretty sassy myself and I've been trying to be more "me" lately so I don't hold back the sass much anymore. 

Current procrastination: Cosplay

Fixing my costumes and finishing costumes that I had started during 2020 lock-down are a current procrastination for me. When I had all that time last year I actually spent a lot of it playing video games more than anything else. It was how I was coping with everything. During that time I also tried to start a few more cosplays. One was a generic Jedi and the other was an off-world Jawa. Maybe one day I will get those done. For the meantime I have to clean up my original Jawa costume so I can wear it to Sci-Fi Fantasy Expo that is coming up on October 2nd. Wish me luck!

Current hair: Magenta

I just can't escape this color. It's my favorite and some people consider it to be my natural color. I too think it to be more natural for me, it's my favorite color after all. At one point this year I tried to go back to brown, which I only had my hair brown for cosplay reasons, and it didn't last long.

Current movie: Shang-Chi

This movie is so good! To be honest I was skeptical about it, and worried that the state of the world was going to ruin it. After I watched it all of those worries melted away. There was a lot of action, great jokes, and awesome characters. I absolutely love Akwafina's character, I felt like I could strongly relate to her in so many ways!

Current pumpkin: Pumpkin Butter

Yup, it's that time of year again, and it's my favorite! I grabbed some pumpkin butter from the store and I'm going to put it on/in everything. One of my customer's at work was embarrassed when I asked her what kind of creamer she would like and she said: "I'll be basic and get the pumpkin spice!" My reply was "Girl you and me both!" and we just laughed. I eat pumpkin all year long because I just simply love it and I couldn't care less.  

Current obsession: Myself

I am in love with how much I have grown since last year. I continue to keep growing too! I take time to focus on being a better me and I just love it! It has helped me to be a better partner to my wife, a better friend, a better parent, and an overall better human. I've learned to say no more (which is a big deal for me) and I've learned that when other's say no it's okay, and not to take it personal or worry that I have done something wrong. It's been a long journey and I have become so proud of who I am. I also take long breaks from social media and the internet and that also helps!

Current book: My book!

I am almost half way through to finishing my book! I am so excited. It has been a long road writing this first draft. 7 years in the making. I'm glad to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is just the first draft so there is still a lot to get done, though at least now I feel like I will be finally finishing it soon and then it will go into the re-writing and editing phase to polish it up for submitting. Pushing through dyslexia and those moments of "why am I even doing this?" has been really tough for me. That's why I have set up goals for myself and I'm actually hitting them! 

Currently looking forward to: Halloween

The bestest, spookiest holiday that I love so much! We have our decorations out and they will be going up now! I know it's early, but I don't care. I love everything about this holiday and I can't wait to celebrate. Holidays like these make me miss having a desk job, but I think I will be bringing any extra decorations to work to decorate the floor manager's office! I work at movie theater, that I'm pretty sure is haunted, but that's a different story for another time. I've bought plenty of little skeletons to go around!

Sorry for a blurry picture but this stupid werewolf scared the crap out of me! At Spirit Halloween these floor displays normally do not move until you step on the indicated button on the floor, but this thing was motion activated and I jumped out of my skin! I'm easily spooked.

I hope everyone has a great Fall Equinox! We are already starting to see leaves change here. Soon there will be beautiful Fall colors everywhere!

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