Yurt Vacation


It was my wife's birthday this month and this vacation was one of her presents! It was a short weekend getaway, but well worth it. One of the best parts was that we were able to bring Noah and the puppy we are puppy-sitting. We love yurts and want to build some eventually, so we thought staying in one would be a great idea! I can't even begin to write about how tranquil it was! Just the round shape alone has a peaceful vibe that you will not find in a typical square home. Spiritually speaking, living in a round home keeps energy flowing and negative energy cannot get trapped. The round shape also makes your living space feel big and open! If you want to see video that I took I added some to my highlighted stories on Instagram.

This yurt has everything we want, and it was nice to see it in real life versus pictures online. It had a full bathroom with a claw foot tub. I liked that the toilet and sink were in a separate space and closed off. I made sure to take multiple bubble baths while we were there! The kitchen was equipped with everything from a full size fridge, dishwasher, and full size gas stove. This yurt wasn't off-grid, which most yurt dwellers want, but we didn't mind. Personally I want solar power for ours, but we will definitely have a septic tank for a full working bathroom like this one. The water for the yurt is gravity fed from a near by spring and it tasted delicious!

Being in a yurt in the green mountains of Vermont is a magical experience. I was able to just sit and close my eyes and meditate, and listen to all of nature. I needed that more than ever. 

As you can see in the picture above I spent the entire weekend make-up free. It was very refreshing. We spent a lot of time playing tabletop games and just being present with each other. We stayed off of our computers, no TV, and no video games! We kept our phones handy because a lot of friends were curious about our little adventure, and we did a lot of face-timing! It was so hard to leave and I wish we could have stayed longer. We made sure to stop in some of the shops in town, and visit some Alpacas! 

Yurts can be as simple as a glorified glamping, or be a full-time dwelling. It all depends on what you want. For myself personally, I just want to escape the idea of the white picket fence lie. I want to leave a smaller carbon footprint, and just be closer to nature. This experience has really solidified my future plans. Even if we end up buying a traditional american home, we will have a yurt on our property, even if it's just a meditation space. 


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