Outfit Diary - The Sweatpants Jumpsuit


I bought this awesome jumper at Target! In one of my last posts Outfit Diary posts I mentioned my pair of sweatpants that I also bought at Target. Sweatpants, for me, have to be cozy and a size too big so that when I sit I feel like I am wearing a warm blanket. This jumper has all of that! Now if you're wondering how I got into it, because it is a one piece, there is an eyelet opening in the back that attaches with two button hooks. Of course I forgot to take a picture of that! But, did you also notice it has POCKETS!! It's my favorite part, and makes up for that fact that it really sucks to go to the bathroom in this thing!


Of course as we were on our way to do some holiday shopping when I realized I didn't take a picture of my socks! Socks are super important, especially when they are Star Wars socks! I got them as a gift I think? Or maybe they were my wife's at some point? ha! Oh well, mine now.

The necklace I am wearing was made by my sister-in-law, and you can check out her Instagram: @lucky_sunny_long_beach. She does a lot of pop-up shops in the Los Angeles area! She makes some absolutely stunning pieces! I added a small piece of Tibetan clear quartz to my Buddha necklace because of it's healing and protection qualities. 

Annnnnnd...my next post will be about a giveaway I am having for my shop! I haven't mentioned it here, but I started a holistic business that includes reiki, guided meditation, crystal services, crystals for sale, and tarot readings! It's called The Smiling Aura and here are all the links if you want to check us out!

Instagram : @thesmilingaura


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