Animal Crossing - My Desert Island

Island update! I completely changed my island to reflect it's name. Tatooine is a desert-like planet in Star Wars. Jawas live there, and it's Anakin's home planet, along with Luke Skywalker. My island is Star Wars inspired and you can see this in the little details sprinkled throughout the island. I have put in over 1200 hours on my island terraforming and laying down sand. My previous island design had a more of a Disney theme, but I have playing since March and decided to re-do my whole island. 

If you would like to come dream on my island, my dream address is listed below on my map!

 If you come visit I hope you're able to notice all of the small details I added! I created a Cantina, Luke's house, and a Stars Wars pop up boutique. My island dream was saved during summer so it will look a little different from these pictures. I have so much fun playing this game! I just recently completed the Turkey Day event and it was so awesome!  

I hope everyone had an awesome (& safe) Thanksgiving if you are reading this in the U.S. and I can't wait to start decorating my island for winter!



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