The Wilson Castle


This past weekend we took a day trip down to Proctor, VT, to visit The Wilson Castle for our friend Ashley's birthday. A lot of Halloween events have been cancelled this year, but luckily the castle was still doing day tours! We were trying to find fun and spooky stuff to do for her birthday, and the castle did not disappoint. This unique castle was built in 1885 making it 135 years old. Filled with rich history, and many deaths, this castle has a historically spooky feeling. The castle is also privately owned and has changed ownership many times throughout the years, and now is owned by Colonel Wilson's granddaughter Denise.
For more information about the castle and their tours, you can visit their website here : The Wilson Castle 

A building that is as old as this castle obviously has structural issues. The owners have been repairing everything as much as possible, while at the same time trying not to disturb it's original architecture. To me, this castle is beautifully antiquated. While we were exploring and touring the castle we all had some interesting experiences. For me I felt curious more than anything. We spent some time in the bridal suite (the pink room), which is supposed to be the most haunted, and has been said to have a vortex and a gateway to other realms. One of the closets is the gateway and when I tried to step into it I felt like I physically couldn't. A child crying is also a common in the room because a child from one of the past owners died in there.

I brought my EVP recorder and I am still listening to all of the audio that I had captured. Unfortunately there were other people there on the tour so it has been a struggle trying to hear any disembodied voices. I did capture this moment in one of the bathrooms of a figure walking behind me, that does not look like anyone who was there, and I thought I was alone in because I had wandered off from the group. This picture is a iPhone live picture, which means my phone takes short video clips as it takes pictures. The only reason I looked at the live version was because the picture looked distorted, which was weird because all of the other photos I took were normal. I sent it to everyone to see if we could debunk it, but no one knows who that might be, and the person also looks see-through. From a paranormal point of view it could have been one of the many people who have died in the castle.

If you love paranormal adventures or old historical buildings I highly suggest visiting The Wilson Castle if you're ever in Vermont. You will not be disappointed!

What do you guys think? A possible apparition? We may never know, I guess.


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