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I love makeup! I have been a makeup artist for about 16 years now. I used to freelance out of a salon here in Vermont for weddings and special occasions, but I've scaled back quite a bit, and mostly concentrate on cosplay makeup now. I originally went to cosmetology school in Southern California back in 2002 and took makeup courses there. It's an art form that a lot of people have many opinions about, but regardless it's an art form that I love. 

Just recently I was contacted by Nars Makeup and was asked if I would try out (and review) a new line of foundation and concealer that they were releasing. Of course I said yes! They are a well-known high-end makeup brand that I love, and there was no way I was turning down this opportunity. When the makeup arrived I was blown away by the packaging alone! It even came with a video that gave instructions for the best uses of each product.

When it comes to applying makeup I tend to be more old school and use my hands a lot. I feel like using my fingers versus a brush works better because your hands warm up the product just enough. It's easier to apply and work with when it's softened. The video the instructions for the concealer were just that, they recommended using your fingers. Both the concealer and foundation go on beautifully. The only tip I have is that a little goes a long way!

I don't have a comic con to go to yet, and see how this makeup stands the test of a convention and long time wear, but I can tell you that this foundation and concealer is very light weight. I am highly confident that this would last me all day easily and with great coverage. I posted the pictures below as an example. Both pictures are raw and un-edited. 


The shades that worked best for me were Vanilla for the concealer, and light 2 for the foundation. I really loved that they have a beautiful matte finish. When the finish is matte it helps all of your other products stand out, like my blush and highlighter. I would recommend this product to everyone! It really has a beautiful flawless finish.


p.s. I also have some videos on Tik Tok that feature this makeup and show me applying it.
Tik Tok : eekacupcake

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