Fall Fun in Vermont


Over the weekend my wife and I went on an impromptu corn maze date! Our original plans were just to go shopping and decorate for Halloween, but we actually got up early enough to do more than just shopping. We ended up going to the Whitcomb's Farm in Williston. They have a pumpkin patch and a pretty cool corn maze! For the corn maze you are given a card you have to fill out. You then find 5 different check points and figure out the secret word at each check point that will then solve a riddle. You can also try to find corn with a small pumpkin drawn on it to win a pumpkin. The last check point gives you the secret password for candy! It was actually pretty fun! At one point I thought we were never going to get out. I'm glad they set up decorations throughout the maze so you knew where you were going. Before we left we ended up buying 9 pumpkins. I love pumpkins!

After our fun trip to the corn maze/pumpkin patch we went for a drive looking at all the fall foliage. It's so beautiful right now! There were more leaves on the trees last week, but we had some rain and wind that ended up blowing them off of the trees. You can see in my pictures that the ground is covered with leaves. While we were driving around I spotted this tree and had to stop and take some pictures because the leaves were the same color as my hair! I tried doing that cool thing where you throw leaves in the air and they are supposed to look like they are falling on you, but I just ended up looking silly. I tried though. I'm so glad we got out and drove drove around, it was a lot of fun!



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