Photowall Night Sky Zodiac Canvas


Hey all! I hope this post finds you safe and healthy. As for me, I have been experiencing a lot of change lately. Some of this change is exciting, and some of this change is extremely challenging. I won't unload it all in this post, but I will cover one huge change that is related to this beautiful canvas.

As a parent you have many moments when your children are young and you can't help but think about what it will be like someday when your babies leave the nest. Well that moment has come for me! My daughter moved out two weeks ago, and I have been trying really hard to get used to this new change. She is my youngest and is 18, and to be honest I was surprised she moved out so quickly. Regardless, her new place is really cute, and she only lives about 5 minutes away.

In celebration of her new apartment I gave here this beautiful Night Sky Zodiac Canvas from a comapny called Photowall.

My daughter is really into astrology right now so I thought this would make the perfect gift for her! 

I was a little nervous about ordering such a big canvas online. I was wondering: how on earth can they ship that? Well it actually comes in a pretty compact box, with instructions inside on how to assemble it. If you visit their website you will also see that they have many beautiful designs to choose from. I will add all the links within the post and at the bottom, including a discount code just for my readers!

Putting that canvas together was pretty easy. The instructions are very clear also, which was nice because I am not the best at trying to figure out instructions. As you can see in the picture above it comes with everything you need: 4 canvas frame pieces, 4 brackets, and 16 screws. In the instructions it says to place the canvas on a flat surface, I cannot stress this part enough! Each end of the canvas has an adhesive and you want to make sure you attach each frame part as even as possible before you fold it in. I also suggest not tightening all of the screws until you get them all in place. Put them in loosely first and tighten at the end. I also suggest having at least one other person help you, like I did. All in all I feel like it was a pretty easy thing to put together!

I highly recommend their prints and canvasses! The quality is absolutely amazing, and they ship pretty quick. To be honest I had such a hard time trying to pick one out for my daughter because they have so many lovely prints to choose from. They also have posters, and wallpaper, and they can edit images for you too!

If you would like to check out all of their awesome prints and artwork you can click on the links below:

Here is the canvas we ordered:

Discount code:

That discount code is for 25% off until October 20, 2020. I hope you check them out!

As for me I will be here dealing with my partial empty nest.


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