Canon TLb Print Photography

A long, long time ago I only used to shoot film. Film will always be my first love when it comes to photography. I held my first camera some time in the 80's, and took selfies way before it was a thing. In high school I took a photography class and learned how to use a darkroom. I continued my art well into college which switched me over to the digital age heading into Photoshop and all the fun futuristic stuff. 

As of lately I saw a post by one of my friends who was going to shoot some film with a similar SLR to mine, so I thought I would break out the old camera and give it a go again. I am definitely a bit rusty, but it's like riding a bike. I think the last time I shot with this camera was about 6 years ago. The shots I posted here were my favorite from the first round of practice shots, and I am hoping that the second round will be even better. They didn't come out as clear as I was hoping, but that was mostly my fault. I was also trying to take outdoor pictures during a hurricane, oops! I was just too excited to wait! I have more film and there are sunny days in the forecast. I will most likely just wander around my house and yard for more.


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