Animal Crossing NH - Peach Pit Dream


Island Peach Pit, which is named after the diner in the show 90210, was such a fun visit!
This island is filled with little surprises everywhere. I felt like every turn I took there was something new to see. This island had plenty of places to stop and explore, or sit and have a coffee. The residents were out and about, and super cute! One unique aspect was that their museum was on the beach. That is something you don't see very often. It had a fun shopping area and dig site right in front. It also had a sculpture garden. If you're looking for a fun place to dream I would highly recommend this island!

There are some very lovely orchards in the bottom right of the island.

I love to read a good book!

I love rare treasure! Redd has their own secret path.

The campsite was super cozy!

You can get a caricature done on the boardwalk! There were also games and prizes. 

I met this person, I think they live here somewhere...

What a lovely spot for a ceremony!

I agree with Peanut, Peach Pit is TOTES dreamy!

found a bathroom just in time! ha ha!!

They all have that one place were they hoard! 

Make sure to check out this Walt Disney inspired house!

Flowers and butterflies are always my favorite.

I also got to see a musical!

My favorite spot on the island was this Disney Princess room! I wish I could have tried on all the dresses.

This island was so much fun! If you play I hope you take a moment and dream of Peach Pit. I have a lot more islands I will be dreaming on and posting here and I cant wait to share them with all.

If you would like me to visit your island and feature it on my blog, feel free to contact me and send me your dream address! You can reach me through any of my social media handles which are @eekacupcake or my email which is located in here: Contact page.


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