Animal Crossing NH - Buchu Bay Dream


If you play Animal Crossing's New Horizons, and you haven't gone dreaming, you are missing out! I have to say that this is probably one of my most favorite features of this game thus far. Before the dream play I always felt hesitant to ask my friends if I could go to their island, especially if they weren't finished designing or in the middle of a big project but Island dreaming lets you explore without any guilt! You can even trample flowers, ha! In all seriousness cuteness, it lets you stay for as long as you want without disrupting anything. 

If you are new to dreaming you should know that you go empty handed, and you cannot go into any shops. On my island I have left fun gifts for my dreamers who visit right next to Resident Services. I have noticed on other islands that people have them in random places. When you visit islands make sure to look around for presents and tools!

Another thing I have learned is that what ever your passport comment is will be the greeting you give when dreamers come to talk to your character.  Every island I go to I try to seek out all the players to read their comment, some are pretty funny!

Buchu Bay is owned by YouTuber Chase Crossing. You can find their channel here: Chase Crossing

Here are some pictures from my dream...

Luna is a strange dream guide, but very sweet nonetheless.

They must do a lot of mystery island hopping?

I am rich! I found the secret stash in the basement and broke in! 

Oh no! I missed the party!

Picture time!

Self portrait in the outdoor library?

This is a nice spot for a snooze.

They left fireworks and balloons! I took the pink one because it's my favorite color.

Maple! Some of the cutest villagers live here!

There are a lot of cute spots for pictures!

If there is a kiosk you can get custom design eyebrows!

Sorry not sorry. Yes I will run through all of your flowers to see how many I can trample!

Buchu Bay is such a sweet and cozy island. I am a sucker for cherry blossoms, so any island with cherry trees is a win for me! I know that the islander is a very busy YouTuber, and I am actually surprised by how much they have done with their island. The only reason I have so much complete on my island is because I have not gone back to work yet. So my hats off to you! 

Thank you for sharing your dream code!


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