Animal Crossing New Horizons


Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard of a little video game named Animal Crossing New Horizons. I'm sure that even if you don't play, you have probably seen some mention of it on social media somewhere. I myself have been playing since the game was released this year. I think at this point, I have put in over a thousand hours between running 2-3 players on my island. My wife originally started the island, which made me kind of sad because she didn't ask me what I wanted to name it or the type of island I wanted, but I have come so far that I don't want to start over at all. 

My island is called Tatooine, which is named after a planet in the Star Wars Universe. I don't mind the name, but the nerd in me wants to make the island completely Star Wars. My wife ended up buying a Nintendo Switch Lite and her own game, leaving me to fend for myself. I am more of a Disney Princess gal whose favorite color is pink, stuck on an island named after a desert planet where everything is brown. Yes we cosplay Jawas in real life, but this is not real life and I was hoping for a more whimsical name that didn't make me feel guilty for straying away from the theme. To work with this I decided to just sprinkle Star Wars here and there, and have more of a Disney theme.

I will be completely transparent. This was my first Animal Crossing game ...gasp! I've played video games as long as I can remember. My first gaming console was an Intv. If you don't remember it, Google it well that just shows how old I am. Animal Crossing has not been around that long, but long enough to have many different versions. The first Animal Crossing game came out on the Nintendo 64 back in April of 2001! It's hard to believe that I am barely playing now. I have always known about the game and played a few times, but not to extent that I am now. 

I went in pretty blind and learned as I went. YouTube became my best friend for the information I needed. I made a lot of mistakes at first, but once I was able to understand the game a little bit better I was on a roll.

The best part of this game was being able to visit other islands and see my friends, and co-workers, when I couldn't see them in real life. My depression was really bad during the stay-at-home orders and this game really kept me afloat. It leaves so much room for creativity! There were days where I played 15 hours straight. I even started to have dreams about my island. 

Every time there is a meteor shower I open up my island to all my friends and any visitors that would like some shooting stars or a visit with Celeste. Celeste is the cutest little owl ever! I also cosplay her in the game because I am that obsessed.

I still play everyday, and my island isn't too shabby. I am currently re-doing some parts of my island just to try and make it cuter. I also want to utilize all the pirate stuff I have been getting from Pirate Gulliver. I was thinking about streaming my game-play, but I am not set up to do that. 

I hope you enjoy some of these pictures though, and if you want to be friends with me on Nintendo Switch fee free to shoot me a message. You can contact me here or on any of my other social media links that are located at the top of my blog.

Once I finish tidying up I will post my dream address for everyone.



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