Animal Crossing - Meatballs Dream

Recently I had a dream of an island called Meatballs. If you are new here, or have no idea what I am talking about, you can visit these posts : Here & Here. For this island dream I decided to wear my messy spaghetti face paint, because it's called Meatballs right? I try to match the island's theme the best I can.

My Meatballs dream was a fun one! My favorite part of the island was the area with all the purple brick.The island villagers were cute too! They even had 3 octopus characters: Zucker, Marina, and Ovtavian! I have had Octavian on my island, and I now have Marina who I absolutely adore. She was my dreamy character! Which means she is the one character I wanted to most. It was fun to run into her in this dream.

This island has a couple things that I haven't seen yet. There was an outdoor movie theater, a jail, and a medical area. I thought they were very creative!
The island map, which also includes their Dream Address if you want to dream here too.

I'm in love with these waterfalls! Lily of the valley flowers are my favorite and I love when people display them where you can see.

I'm a manager at a movie theater in real life, so I'm a sucker for a movie and popcorn!

I found a cute spot for a picture!

I sat down for some food. I was hoping to find spaghetti, but this chocolate cake will do!

There was an outdoor clothing market which was fabulous.

As I was running through flowers I was terrified by the naked statues! Their skin was missing!

After all that running I found a cute sushi cafe to grab another bite to eat.

I love when island's have a spot for their hitting rocks! I wish I had the patience to set this up on my island.

There is always that one room. Ha!

I don't know why but I ended up having a scary dream within my dream?

I found the island owner and she was very nice! 

Oh no! Somehow I ended up in jail!

This is such a cute spot! I just adore plant shops.

What a lovely dream this was, and thank you for sharing your dream code! I have so much fun exploring other people's islands.


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