Animal Crossing - Gobbler Dream

Today I had a dream on Gobbler Island!

This quaint little island was a pleasant place to dream. Both the island and island player are named after their cats, which I love! I thought it was appropriate to wear my cat meme shirt for this visit. Their island flag is a cat, and they even have 3 island villagers that are cats. A lot of cat love happening here!
Their island was very easy to maneuver! 

Oh hi Nibbler!

Weebles wobble and they don't fall down! He frightens me every time!

G is for Gobbler!

Such a cute entrance/airport area. I love the Nook Starbucks logo!

Hi Midge! Watch out for the cats.

I love the zodiac area!

This area was neat and I love all the cars!

I met a very happy kitty.

Impressive beach stand! Matching wet suits and surfboards.

I found the money room! 

You know I had to take a nap. It's what dreamers do.

Space stuff is where it's at!

Do you see what I see! 

Gobbler was a lovely visit. The island owner let me know that they are always changing things up and are open to ideas. I think this island is fun and unique. I've been dreaming on a lot of islands with the same type of whimsical them and its nice to visit islands where you have no idea what you will expect! Keep up all that hard work! I think the only thing I would like to see would be more cat villagers! There are 23 cat villagers in the Animal Crossing world. To see 10 on one island at the same time would be impressive!


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