Animal Crossing - Gentle Beak Dream


My latest dream was on an island called Gentle Beak. The name comes from a phrase that the island owner's bird says! I thought that was really sweet. Their island is still a work in progress, but they have a lot of awesome micro-environments that were a lot of fun. 

In case you are looking for Animal Crossing posts similar to this, you can search on this page in the search bar for Animal Crossing. You can also read my last dream here: Gobbler. You can also dream on my island if you like! You can find my dream code here in this post: Dream Code
This island had a great mixture of villagers! Ketchup is adorable, but I still have mixed feelings about Pietro.

This little puppy/animal area was super cute!

I love this classic playground, and did you notice my shirt? They had the design in their kiosk and I couldn't help myself! In dreams you can go to the kiosk and download designs.

It's always nice to find a cute place to have a snack and some tea.

What a lovely idea for the flamingos!

I always love to take a snooze next to an infinity pool.

I met the island owner!

Why yes it was Patty, TOTES dreamy. Super dreamy!

I'm pretty sure I found Pietro's house.

I found some Doctor Who items!!

I found a human bird.

You know I ran through these flowers as fast as I could!

I love the little welcome area in front of the airport!

This is a great idea for luggage claim! And a Lily of the Valley showing they are a 5 Star island. 

I love seeing umbrellas being used for decorations! They had an impressive orchard!

This green room is perfect.

Stopped and watched a little TV, my favorite show was on.

I had a dream Pietro was watching me...

Harry Potter!! Looks like we have a Huffle Puff!  

This was my favorite room! Can you guess why? I made sure to put my Princess Leia costume on!

If you need inspiration, or want to visit a super cute island, Gentle Beak is a fun visit. You can tell they put a lot of thought into where everything is placed. I'm always a fan of small villages for the villagers. I had so much fun in this dream!


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