Animal Crossing - The Boar Hat Dream


Christmas in August? You betcha! 

This dream took me to a wonderful snow covered wonderland. It was a nice escape since in real life we are still in summer here and it made me feel like I was escaping the heat somehow. I'm not sure what it is about these islands when they are covered in snow, but it just makes them feel just that much more magical. I really appreciate that the setting was for nighttime too. It really brings out all the lighting.

As you can tell I dressed for the occasion. I may, or may not, have time traveled on my island to winter and picked up some cute clothes. I can't even begin to tell you how fun winter is! This island has such a nice design and aesthetic to it. It all blends so beautifully together. They also have some super cute villagers!

If you would like to visit this island, or any that I have posted, the dream address is always located on the island's map.

This island was also another island that was easy to navigate! I can't tell you how many times I have been to islands and got lost and had to use their map, I almost got stuck in a dream because they did not leave any ladders to use!

These dudes were giving out diys! 

It feels like Christmas in this spot!

Santa Claus must live there too!

I found some dreamy pathways.

Yes Poppy, this island is a dream!

I couldn't find my favorite show, I must have been dreaming late.

Wow it's expensive to live on this island!

Where is your skin?!

What a lovely bathroom!

I'm so excited! I found a lovely meal just waiting for me!

You know I ran through this! HIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!

Finally Robot Heroes!!!! I only have one, but these are my favorite diys!

I love this tree so much!

I found a Starbucks! I immediately ordered a vente iced cloud macchiato. 

If you want to have a whimsical winter dream, this is the island to dream on! There are a lot fun areas to explore, and the small details really bring this island to life. I will be back in the future to dream on this island again!


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