Currently - Summer Edition

Sorry I have been gone so long, but man this year has really taken it's toll on me. I thought it would be cool to do a Currently post, since I haven't posted in forever. I have some energy today and I thought I would take advantage of that. There are so many topics out there that are crazy hot at the moment, but I want to take a minute and create a space that isn't in your face or anxiety inducing.

One thing I want to mention, is the picture above. I took that picture for the black and white empowerment picture challenge that was/is going around Instagram, but chose not to post it. I usually love participating in these challenges, like love it, but I couldn't get a solid source of where it started. One source seemed to help empower women, and another source stated it started in turkey to bring awareness to femicide. I didn't want to engage in a post that could possibly take away attention from a more important issue happening in the world. I'm not saying anything against anyone who has done their post, because we still need to be empowering other women, but we also need to make sure we are not drowning out voices that need to be heard. It's always important to research everything.

Current Favorite Summer Spot: The beach!

I have been to the beach 3 times so far, which is actually a lot since it's July. Post pandemic makes our trips a lot more nerve wracking, but my small army of friends are well educated and on top of knowing where to go. We follow our states map of counties in New England that have low to zero cases, and stick to it! We social distance like crazy, and wash everything every chance we get, and wear our masks. It's nice to have such close friends who are as just as paranoid as I am! 

Current Music: Ashe

Seriously obsessed with this artist. I also recently asked some of my followers on Instagram for new music, and they did not disappoint! I managed to add everything everyone had suggested, and it's all awesome! I love music a lot and I am always taking suggestions.

Current Mood: Manic at the Disco!

Having bipolar is such an exhausting disability. The roller coaster ride can be unbearable. Most people think the mania isn't as bad as the depression, but for me it's worse. Yes I have all of this energy, but it's also combined with anger and poor decisions. I'm the life of the party, but at what cost? When I'm like this I need to be loved a little harder because odds are I will try to push everyone away. I feel like the crazy girl that no one want's to be around.

Current Movie: E.T.

I just recently re-watched E.T. and I forgot how much I loved that movie! I also love Reese's Pieces again too. It's hard to believe that a movie made so long ago is still just as good as I remember. My initials are also E.T. and my dad has called me that my whole life since the movie came out. 

Current Selfie: Me + Cupcake

I actually took a lot of selfies yesterday. I decided on doing this blog post and ended up using the pictures on Facebook and Instagram. I was being silly while enjoying my all time favorite food. (gluten free of course)

Current Hair: Pinkish/Purple...Magenta?

I love combining colors when I change my hair and I really missed having purple hair. Since I wont be cosplaying anytime soon as Princess Leia I thought why not now? I combined pink and purple and hoped for the best. HA! I am really happy with the results, but the upkeep is the hardest part. Thankfully there are so many different hair color products out there that help! My favorite are color depositing conditioners like Overtone.

Current Food: Ice Cream!

There are so many awesome places to get some super delicious ice cream treats. Right down the street from is a place called Rocky's pizza and they have gluten free ice cream cones! I try to stop there and get a creemee (that's Vermont's word for soft serve) from there as often as I can during the season. Living out on the East Coast, where we have seasons, has really helped me gain an appreciation for things that are seasonal. Another favorite spot is The Village Scoop! You have to make sure you get there earlier in the day because the lines get long. I have a weakness for fudge and I love to get sundaes when I can get a creemee in a gluten free cone.

Current Cosplay: Offworld Jawa & Generic Jedi

This pandemic has left me with some extra time on my hands so I decided to finally get a start on a couple costumes that I've been wanting to make. The Offworld Jawa is from the Disney+ series The Mandalorian. If you haven't seen it have you been living under a rock you would have seen the Jawas in the episode with the egg. I already cosplay a Jawa from Star Wars A New Hope, and this will be an awesome addition! I'm almost done with it. The generic Jedi is another costume that is all soft parts too. I've picked my colors out and have all of my fabric. I'm just waiting for a pattern I ordered and I will get sewing.

I am still painting, writing, and playing Animal Crossing in between everything else. I have put in over thousand hours on my island and I want to hit the restart button. I know that sounds crazy, and I probably won't do it, but it is very tempting. In the beginning my wife had set up our island. I didn't get to choose the layout or the name, and that is something I can't change without restarting the whole game. I think I am going to change up a few things instead of starting all over because I think I would get too overwhelmed if I wiped everything cleaned.

I think I might also do a post about Animal Crossing soon and add my dream address in case anyone would like to visit my island.

I hope everyone is having a safe summer!


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