Outfit Diary - The Jawa T-Shirt

Nothing is more exciting nowadays than getting new things in the mail! One of my really close friends makes all kinds of cool stuff and you can visit his Instagram here: Rabid Badger Builds, and they also have some pretty cool t-shirts which you can find here: Rabid Badger Studios.  I bought this shirt in effort to support local artists that I know, and plus it's super cool! I cosplay a Jawa from the Star Wars movies, and I thought this was hilarious! It's also very comfy. I purposely ordered it one size bigger so it would be extra baggy. 

We took these pictures in our backyard. Nothing has fully grown in yet, and I can't wait for everything to be that bright spring green. We are still waking up to frost here, and the temperatures are only in the lower 50's, if that. We live in a really cute neighborhood I promise! In between seasons is never great for pictures, but I will take what I can get right now.

I hope you are all sane and healthy! (or if anything at least healthy)


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