Story Time With Rose Tico

As I am writing this I really hope that all of you out there are in good health and doing what you can to stop the spread of Covid-19. Of course with everything happening, I unfortunately lost my job temporarily because I work directly with the public and we are not essential employees. Though to me movie theaters will always be essential! Of course I understand that we had to close, and I feel that our owners were very responsible by closing us earlier than most places. I have to add that I really miss the popcorn so much though!

During these times I am having a hard time self isolating for many reasons. One of those reasons is that I am a social butterfly (a.k.a. extrovert). Another reason is because Anxiety and depression are a close friend of mine. So to help with these ailments I make sure to still visit a couple of my best friends, because they aren't working, and do not work with the public, nor do they go anywhere also. Plus we are all so crazy about sanitizing both of our houses. The only time we have gone anywhere is to help support each other when we buy groceries. I have no family here in Vermont, but my best friends help make up for that, and I love them!

To pass time since I do not have a job, and also to help stay positive, I have made a few Story Time With Rose Tico videos. It's a bit time consuming, but so much fun for me to get dressed up and feel like I am helping in some way. This past weekend I was supposed to be at ACE Comic Con in Boston, but of course that was cancelled a couple weeks back. Doing this let's me get dressed up regardless and create something fun. I have quite a few friends who are teachers, homeschooling, or work in libraries, so I hope as they share these videos that brings their young students it brings them hope, or at the least something entertaining to watch.  

I'm hoping to make a few more and I will be hash-tagging them with #coronastorytime. I'll have videos posted on my YouTube and links shared on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter. I hope you follow along!

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