Great Food Places In Vermont

Every few months my best friend Greg drives up from New Jersey to visit and eat some really awesome food! One of the many reasons why I love living in Vermont is because of the food. It's one of those states that is well known for specific things like maple syrup, skiing, and of course Bernie Sanders, but we also have some pretty amazing restaurants! I live in Essex Junction and in my town alone I can think of 10 places that have delicious food. During this visit with Greg I managed to stop and take a few pictures of some of the places that we ate at. Unfortunately I didn't get all of them though. The food is so good that I forget to even pick up my phone. I will give you a list, so if you're ever in Vermont you can check them out!

1. Asiana Noodle Shop on Church Street in Burlington - I always get a philly roll, or one of their huge ramen bowls. I get it with rice noodles as a gluten free option.

2. Mark BBQ in Essex Junction-It was my first time there and wasn't sure what to get, so I got the brisket nachos (w/o the mac & cheese). The brisket melted in my mouth! 

3. Firebird Cafe in Essex Junction-I ordered their french toast (with gluten free bread!) and it was so yummy!

4. Sneakers in Winooski-They are known for their french toast and I was able to get it gluten free too! We met up with our friends here, and from the coffee to our meals, everything was fantastic! I highly recommend going on yelp and putting yourself in line   

5. Martone's Market & Cafe in Essex Junction-We stopped in for a couple of latte's and was blown away by their sandwich menu! I only got a mocha latte though and it was perfect.

6. Penny Cluse near Church Street in Burlington-I stepped out of my box and ordered their posole soup. I grew up eating traditional posole soup, and unfortunately this was nothing like that. It was still good, but not authentic. Everything else that I have had there before has always been delicious though. Both Mary and Greg enjoyed their meals much more than I did.  

Every Greg visit is always filled with the best conversations, fun restaurant experiences, and lots of gaming! I forgot to mention that we do a lot of table-top gaming when he is here, and it's a blast! We always look forward to our Greg visits. I hope one day he eventually just moves up here!

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