Happy Halloween everyone!

If you're friends with me on Facebook or follow me on Instagram (eekacupcake) you would know that just recently I was out and about filming a short little horror film, or co-starring is more like it! My friend Katie is an awesome producer of short films and every Halloween she is either submitting a film and/or attending the Northwest Nightmares Film Festival. This year our little group of besties got together and helped her out!

It was a beautiful day for filming and we had so much fun! This film is not meant to be serious at all, so we all hope you get a good laugh! Make sure to watch it in 1080p or HD because Katie got some great nature shots! I mean I did too, but hers are better!

It was such a fun experience to have with my close friends. I love that we all pitched in and had a blast! Not to mention how weird it was to see my face up on the big screen.  

Hope you enjoy!

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