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It has been over a glorious year and a half of cosplaying Rose Tico. I have a few blog posts that feature my favorite cosplay which you can find here: SWCC , Ravenclaw Rose , and  Casual Rose Day I also have posted plenty of pictures on all of my social media outlets, but I just recently realized that I never did an official post here on my little blog. I know most people know the story behind all the bullying of Kelly Marie Tran which ultimately pushed her off of social media, but none of that has ever stopped me from representing Rose's character.

Photo cred: Robbins Studio & Photography

In my modest cosplay beginnings I started off with a jawa, which I still love. But when The Last Jedi came out and we saw that they were introducing a new female character (who just so happened to be Asian!) I couldn't help but want to make that costume. It also helped that I had quite a few friends peer pressuring nudging me along.

There are so many internet trolls out there that love to try and tear people down. It is so disgusting. I don't call these people toxic fans, because they shouldn't even be allowed to be called fans at all. After attending Star Wars Celebration in Chicago and receiving so much love in my Rose, it's hard to believe that those so-called "toxic" fans even like Star Wars. Every story/movie/book out there will have characters that we aren't head-over-heals for, but that doesn't mean that you have to be a jerk to the actor playing that character.


We also need to step back and understand that this isn't our story to tell and be grateful that it didn't stop after the 3rd movie (which is number 6 in series). We are pretty spoiled when it comes to Star Wars! More books and video games than we even need! There is also an expanded universe, not to mention everything that is not canon anymore after the mouse (Disney) took over. This fandom is huge! So huge that there is a global organization dedicated to making costumes and showing up to events and charities for it. Not to mention that Star Wars probably has the most iconic characters. Even as a little girl my favorite ride at Disneyland was Star Tours. I fell in love with C3PO, and even met Anthony Daniels who told me stories about the jawas on the set of A New Hope, while I was wearing my jawa costume!

Anyway, enough rambling! I could really go on and on about my love for Star Wars, but I will save that for another post. I will list off everything I had to make to create this awesome costume. I also want to mention that I didn't do this alone. I had a lot of help from my Garrison friends and members in the Rebel Legion.

Here is a breakdown of this costume from top to bottom:

1. The Wig.

Yes I wear a wig. It's real human hair that I have to take care of. I bought the wig through an online vendor called Pose Wigs. It's a shag cut with bangs and you tie it into a ponytail with a blue electrical wire. A lot of people think it's my real hair, but my hair reaches the bottom of back and I am not cutting it!

2. Makeup.

Rose works behind pipes all day so it should be natural. I know sometimes you see me (especially at a con) with a full face of makeup. However that's because I'm either wearing a different cosplay before that or I wasn't planning on wearing it and I threw it on really quick. This happened at FanExpo Boston which you can see in my last post. But if I am actually planning on wearing it then I do a full face of makeup minus lipstick. When I say full face what I mean is that I do "photo ready" makeup. Foundation, concealer, contour, highlight, the whole shebang! I will post up a video one day on my natural makeup process.

3. The Scarf.

This was the easiest part to make. When I first made my scarf it was too big, and you can see that in older pictures. I shortened it so that it was more screen accurate. At Star Wars Celebration my good friend Morrigan had made a test scarf for her Riva costume (which is basically the same as Rose, but with a helmet) and she gave it to me. This was so nice of her! It's nice to have the two different scarves to switch between.

4. The Jumpsuit.

This was the most complicated part of the whole thing! For those of you that have made it will also agree. I had to have my seamstress make this and she did an amazing job! All I did was show her pictures and she made it in a few months. I also gave her all the details from the Rebel Legion website. When I was having my jumpsuit made the official CRL was being voted on (yes it is that official). I was really nervous because what if there was something they wanted more details on! Luckily they didn't and my seamstress added all the additional stitching anyway. The one thing she had the most difficulty with was the hood. It's very difficult because of it's shape, where it should lay, and how it should lay. We spent a few hours together just trying to get it right.

Weathering and adding the lettering was terrifying! Here is this beautiful jumpsuit so fresh and bright and I had to find a way to make it look worn and dirty. Luckily I have some pretty talented friends that helped with this part. It was lightly dyed a couple times with green and then sprayed like crazy with with watered down black acrylic paint. One of my friends also made a stencil of the aurebesh writing on the top pocket and sprayed it with spray paint.

I apologize that I didn't take better pictures of this process. I'm horrible at remembering to that!

5. The Belt.

It's a military belt. I found it on ebay and I had to add elastic to hold the hose connectors. We also spray painted it so it was more of a khaki color. It has a weird buckle and I can never decide how to wear it. I usually just put the long part through and tuck the short part in. I know that sounds weird but if you have the belt you would understand what I am horribly trying to explain.

6. The Boots.

This was probably the hardest part for me to complete even though they were the first thing I ordered for this costume. The boots I got were inexpensive and I had to alter them greatly. Which is usually what happens when you try to save money when making a costume. I had to chop them down because they went up to my knee. Use the extra fabric to add the needed details. And more weathering! I can't even tell you how many times I poked my fingers with needles. I will be upgrading to much nicer boots eventually because Mary has to safety pin my boots to the bottom of my jumpsuit because they don't stay tucked in. It's a pain.

7. All The Little Details.

From the greeblies to the aurebesh on the pocket, it was never ending work making sure I had everything. To this day I still carry around extra hose connectors in case I lose one when I go to the bathroom or something. I also have the ring that Rose Tico wore in the movie too! I don't wear it very often because I don't like to wear jewelry.I don't even wear my beautiful wedding ring set but that's a story for another time. I think my two favorite accessories for this costume are going to be the electro-shock prod and haysian smelt necklace. Some of friends joke around about rigging the prodder to actual zap but I keep it on my belt right under my right arm. I would probably just end zapping myself all the time!

This picture above is from this year's Star Wars Celebration in Chicago. I couldn't even begin to tell you how nervous I was to be dressed as Rose. I met up with the cosplayer dressed as my Star Wars sister Paige and after about 5 minutes all those other cosplayers from our movie showed up, even my friend Morrigan who is standing next to me! I only really know two people in this picture.

I hope some of that information is formative and gives a good example of how much work goes into our amazing costumes. This costume took about 6 months from start to finish (don't quote me though) and a lot of sweat, tears, and anxiety! But after all that hard work it definitely paid off. After I submitted my costume for approval I was approved in less than 2 hours! Normally I have to wait around for 2 weeks but it felt like it was approved instantly. It was an awesome feeling when that email cam through. I love having a costume that has so much meaning!


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