Late Night Makeup By Mary

This vlog has been something I have been wanting to do for quite sometime. I had this Saturday off so we decided to try it again. Our first attempt was last year and we kept getting interrupted. It was beyond the point of editing. But I'm so excited that we finally did it! This was just for fun, and Mary did great! My eyes kind of got stuck together, but hey, she never EVER puts on makeup. In fact I had to explain what most of it was.

The idea behind all of this was to see how well she could do my makeup if there ever came a time when I could not do it myself. During the time-lapse moments there was a lot of laughing. I also had to guide her little. She also kept putting her full weight of hand on face, which was pretty funny too. She freaked out a lot because she couldn't get my eyeliner right. Mary is an awesome artist as far as painting goes and she really thought there wasn't much of difference between this and painting. Anyone who wears liquid eyeliner knows there is a huge difference!

I think it's funny that I drag her into frame just in time for the ending frames! HA!


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