40 Before 40

Yes you read that correctly. I will be 40 in 1 year and 3 months! Wow time flies! Back when I turned 30 I wanted to compile a bucket list that I could try to complete before I turned 40. Once I turned 35 I knew I needed to put a rush on things. Now I am 38, closer to 39, and I think I have completed a lot! some of the more expensive things are obviously not crossed off yet, but I'm really hoping to do them, especially going to Disney World! That's probably going to be my 40th birthday present.

  1. finish college
  2. drive cross country
  3. drive from coast to coast
  4. visit Canada
  5. Go to NYC
  6. Visit the Atlantic Ocean
  7. finish my first novel
  8. publish a book
  9. swim with sharks
  10. buy a house
  11. lock down a career
  12. finish getting sleeved (arms tattooed)
  13. get a chest piece
  14. get 4 tattoos representing each decade of my life
  15. go to Disney World
  16. go to Universal Studios FL
  17. travel to europe
  18. go on a Disney Cruise
  19. ride a hot air balloon
  20. relax at a spa all day (maybe even a weekend)
  21. go on a ghost adventure
  22. visit a castle (but does Sleeping Beauty's castle count?)
  23. go to a concert - any concert!
  24. get a hobby
  25. paint
  26. paint a Bob Ross painting
  27. write a book of poetry
  28. take a trip on a train
  29. be an ideal weight
  30. be in shape (like walk a mile without being tired)
  31. join a gym
  32. be in a parade
  33. pay off my car loan!
  34. speak in public, like a conference
  35. take the family on a hike
  36. meet a celebrity
  37. road trips! as many as possible.
  38. see all 50 states (I've seen 45 so far)
  39. Get a passport
  40. escape an escape room!
I've done way more then I thought I would!  I only have 17 things left to accomplish, and I think 1 year and 3 months might be enough time to get those checked off. Even if I don't get most of them done I will just add them to my 50 before 50 bucket list and get an early start on them!

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