Day-cation 2019 Part 2 - Wells Beach, ME

The adventure continues! How I wish I could go back, even with the crazy thunderstorm and downpour that completely drenched us at the beach. After our crazy scramble back to the car, we sat in the parking lot of Congdon's Doughnuts, dried off, and got dressed. We were so hungry at this point! Sitting in the car I could smell all the delicious food waiting for us. Our friend Katie has been hyping us up about this place since last year. Unfortunately last year we were only able to grab some doughnuts because we were headed back home. I'm glad that this time we got to experience Congdon's After Dark. It's basically a place full of trucks, which are full of mouth-watering food! There was something for everyone.

I'm a California girl through and through, but man there are so many amazing places all over New England worth exploring! This little diamond in the rough is a must see (and eat!) if you are ever in the beautiful state of Maine. I keep falling more and more in love with Maine each time we visit. I'm still a beach bunny at heart for sure. I feel so alive when I'm at the beach. 
As Mary and I sat to eat (Ashley and Katie were still buying food) it started to rain again! I just have to mention that the beer garden was a life saver! We sat at one bench that didn't have an umbrella and I thought our little hand held umbrella was going to work, to my dismay it did not. Luckily a person working there saw our struggle and told us we could go sit in the beer garden and that the restaurant part of the doughnut shop was open for sitting. Thank you angel dude, whoever you were, for saving my life...well my food! Same-thing right?

I ended up with a half a rack of ribs and french fry poutine (the Wavy Gravy). Amazingly enough, everything at the french fry truck was gluten free! This made me so happy. The ribs were so delicious too! Unfortunately there are no gluten free doughnuts, but everyone in our group can eat gluten except me. That's okay though, there was plenty more for me eat. I was stuffed after all the ribs anyway. They were very filling.

This was a perfect ending to a fun and crazy day! I can't wait to go back. I hope if any of you visit Maine, you make this one of your stops. It's so worth it!


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