Currently - Summer 2019

Mood: All over the place!
Since I rapid cycle through all my moods who knows how I will be feeling after I finish this post! Ha! As of right now I am in a great mood and I have had such a great weekend, I went on a on a short day trip ( daycation if you will) with Mary, Ashley and Katie. Our little squad. I will be posting here about our adventure next! I took so many pictures and video, and I need to edit and all that fun jazz.

Music: A Mixture
Speaking of jazz, If you follow me on Instagram I usually share in my story a song that I'm listening to, or really feeling at that moment. I love music so much! I listen to everything and I can't even tell you my favorite genre. Right now I have Daft Punks essentials playing on shuffle or Gin Wigmore's Gravel & Wine.

Cosplay: Casual Mulan  & Leia 
Have you seen Ralph Breaks the Internet? If you haven't, you should! It's a lot of fun, and of course there is a Disney Princess scene and all the Princesses are hanging out dressed casual. A few of us that are going to FanExpo Boston will be cosplaying some of those characters. I can't wait! I still need to fix the wig and I will be done. Of course I will also be wearing Rose Tico and hanging out with all my Star Wars friends too. I'm so excited! I also want to mention that my Princess Leia was approved by the Rebel Legion! That was exciting news to find out!

Hair: Nothing new
Oh my gosh I have not changed my hair in forever! (except for wigs) My hair is in a virgin state which is very rare for me. I haven't had my natural color in forever and I kind of dig it. I think I have tortured my hair long enough. I'm slowing cutting off all the damaged bleached hair from when I had a black/gray ombre. I'm sure a lot of you out there are still recovering from the ombre phase? Maybe you still have it? I am trying to give my hair a break and then hope to do something fun!

Movie: Toy Story 4
If you haven't seen this movie you are missing out! I know it came out a while ago, but it's still playing in theaters. So many good movies are coming to end, as far as sequels go, and this was a long time coming. I cried so much. I can't stop thinking about Forky too. If you haven't seen it I hope you get the chance before it leaves theaters because It's worth the watch on the big screen.

Reading: SeaFire
I try really hard to read as much as I can. I don't actually get to read as much as I want though. I feel like I am always busy and running around like crazy. I need to be put in a time out in a place where there is no internet access. Like a cabin on a small remote island. This book I am reading is pretty good though. I will let you know how I like it when I am finished with it. So far I am impressed with the female crew on the ship. It seems like a lot of adventure will be happening.

TV Show: The Simpsons
Yes you read that correctly. I had The Simpsons on the TV the other night. I forgot how much I love that stupid cartoon. I prefer the older ones, but the channel I had it on was playing a marathon and it was refreshing to watch something from my childhood. I get so tired of reality shows. I am also a watcher of Jepordy and Wheel of Fortune.

Selfie/picture: Yesterday
This is my most recent selfie right before our road trip yesterday. Nothing fancy.

Food: Burgers!
I can't tell you how much I appreciate a good burger! I have a gluten allergy, so most places I go I have to order without the bun. Which is a bummer, but because of this I came up with a nickname for my bun-less burgers. We call them meat cookies. It sounds weird when you first say it, but I like the reactions I get when I order. "I will take your yummiest meat cookie...Medium rare please."

Favorite dress: I have two at the moment...
My two favorite dresses at the moment are completely different. One is a dark color with a keyhole in the front and it buttons and ties. The other one is obviously my luau dress witch I just recently blogged about here : Outfit Diary

Favorite Summer Spot: The Movies
Currently my favorite place to go right now is the movies! I almost considered getting a part-time job at the theater in my town. I just love movies so much, and the smell of popcorn and concessions. I have to get popcorn every time we go! I will even go by myself. There is just something so homelike when I am there. I think this connects to when I went to the movies when I was younger and I just always felt safe, like for a short time I could escape into another world and just live there for a little bit. 

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