Boston Comic Con's: FanExpo Boston 2019

Before I start my post about Boston, I need to acknowledge the fact that my little blog's internet traffic has really jumped up in numbers! If you're a new reader welcome! If you are a long time reader, thanks for sticking around because your greatly appreciated. I promise I'll keep writing!

The weekend before last weekend was our 3rd Con in Boston. It was such a whirlwind weekend that it's hard to even remember what happened! Our weekend started with a road trip down to Everette, MA, where our Airbnb was located. Out of all the Airbnb's I have stayed in this one was by far the worst. It was too hot, but luckily they had put in an air conditioner in our room. The space that our 4th person was going to stay in was a mess and the fire alarm battery that was directly above had a low battery with a continuous loud beep. The other downside was the host did not mention that they had children. I have nothing against children, but when they are using the only bathroom to brush their teeth for 30 minutes, while we are all trying to use the bathroom to finish getting ready, can really cause some issues. I won't even mention the fact that I walked in on someone who I think was her boyfriend using the bathroom (oops I just did)! It was quite the experience, and I have stayed in a lot of Airbnbs. I would have taken the 4-story-murder-mystery-stairs-to-no-where airbnb we stayed at once over this one. At least at the scary one we had more privacy and didn't have to wait (or walk in on anyone) to use the bathroom.

Enough complaining! This year was also a year when I didn't have to work at the booth the whole time I was there. That was different for me, and kind of nice too. I was able to walk around and say hi to my friends that I don't get to see as often, check out vendors, and just be present. We did a lot of walking. According to my phone I did almost 14,000 thousand steps. Every con we go to is quite the workout. I know it looks really fun in pictures, but your feet and back are dying by the end of the day!
Over the weekend I wore two costumes. I was mostly in my Rose Tico, but I also took a break and wore my Casual Mulan so I could hang out with my Princess Friends and Wreck-It-Ralph. It was so much fun! Pictured above we have Casual Princess Aurora, Cinderella, Merida, Vanellope, and Pocahontas. My good friend Duck was inside of Ralph, he is also the Chewbaca I am in pictures with. It was different being in a costume that wasn't Star Wars, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. 

Putting together Mulan was the easiest thing I have ever done too. All I needed was the shoes, wig and jacket.  Why can't all cosplay be this easy? All of my other costumes took months to put together and Mulan only took a week. I would build a lot more costumes if it was that easy. My next non-Star Wars will be some version of Ariel. Ariel was my first favorite princess. I saw so many Ariel Cosplayers at Fanexpo this year too because Jodi Benson (the voice of Ariel) was there! I'm really bummed that I didn't get to meet her. 

That pirate in the picture with me is also a Mando and a Jedi, don't let his scallywag looks fool you. 

I didn't get to take a lot of pictures this year like I have in the past, but I'm glad I at least got the few that I did! Most were with some of my favorite people too. And in case you didn't notice I also brought my porg Herbert. Herbert doesn't miss a road trip. I take him everywhere. All my friends even know him by name ٩(^‿^)۶! I call him my emotional support porg, and to be honest I have no shame being a grown ass adult carrying a porg around. I think people should do this more often. Why do little kids get to have all the fun? Fun is what life should be all about. Plus I'm less scary in my Jawa when I have a cute porg with me.

By the way, that Millennium Falcon set was built by members of our group. I can't even begin to tell you how talented everyone is. I'm in awe of all the ridiculous talent that surrounds me. 
Of course what would be a Comic Con or Expo without celebrities? The top picture has Vanessa Marshall, who voiced Hera in Star Wars Rebels. Bottom (left to right) is Rob Schneider and Sean Astin. As you can see in the picture with Vanessa, she received a very warm welcome, especially from my friend Morrigan! Morrigan also debuted her Hera costume at Boston, which I'm totally swooning over! She was so excited to meet Vanessa, and even got a big hug from her! I was so happy for her! Speaking of hugs, I got some pretty big hugs from Rob and Sean too. In fact Rob Schneider hugged me 3 times! We bonded over the fact that we both have Filipino moms. 

Another successful year at Boston is in the books, and I have to say that this year was exceptionally stress free. Maybe because I didn't have to work the booth as much, maybe because my social anxiety is at a tolerable level? Who knows? All I know is that I love being a part of this crazy Star Wars family!

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