The Road To Finishing A Book

"Hi my name is Eeka and I'm a least I like to think so."

I have been working on the same novel for the last 5 years! Mind you during this 5 year duration I had to move 3 states over, had a major mental breakdown, switched jobs about 6 times, joined a hobby that I absolutely love, went through a divorce, fell in love again, all while trying to figure out this darn book! Life certainly can get in the way of any good author. I wish I had the luxury to just sit and drown in all the pages of my story, but I don't. I find the time in between my crazy life to actually stop and write, and that's if I don't have any writer's block happening.

It's strange to have a world live inside of you that is waiting to come alive. I love when I have the time to sit and write. Writing is relaxing for me, especially when I have an exciting story that I want to pull out of my brain for everyone to read. I wish I could say that I was close to finishing, but I am not. I am only on chapter 7 of like a 30 chapter book. Maybe in the next few weeks I can get to chapter 10. That would me one 3rd of the way done? Ha!

I currently have a diary style memoir completed, and book of almost 200 poems, and another memoir I have started! I'm always a busy little writer, but my poor novel. I feel like one day all my characters are going to jump out of my book and give me an intervention. I'm not going to lie, I kind of hope they do. I feel like I should have been closer to being finished by now. By the time I'm 40 I better be done! At least that's my goal which gives me a little less than a year and half. I think that is a reasonable goal.

I think one of the hardest parts of writing is keeping track of your progress and not letting your word count discourage you. For the longest time I was reading the count wrong and realized I wasn't as far as I thought I was. I was so bummed! What you need to keep in mind is that progress is progress!  I try to give myself little pep-talks to stay positive. It's much easier said then done. 

I really hope someday I become an established author with a regular income so I can quite my day job and just write full-time. I would be able to get books done and written so much faster. I already have plans for more stories! I might even turn turn this book into a 3 part series. I'll see how this first draft turns out first. Wish me luck! 

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