Outfit Diary - The Luau Dress

I call this dress the luau dress for obvious reasons. This dress is also the most comfortable thing I own! On top of that, besides my Rose Tico Cosplay, I get so many nice compliments when I wear it. I bought it on a whim one day at The Christmas Tree Shop of all places! I was just wondering around as usual and there it was, the only one left, so I had to buy it. I didn't even try it on until I got home! It fit perfect and is more comfortable than my pajamas. I've worn it every chance I get, since I bought it last year.

of course I couldn't wear this dress without one of my Star Wars Tiki mugs! I have a stormtrooper and this cute jawa one. The jawa mug is my favorite! I've been trying to do everything I can this summer to stay cool because it has been really warm here in Vermont. I am huge baby when it comes to the heat. I'm drinking lemon water in my tiki mug. I don't do lemonade because of all the sugar, though sometimes I like to add a little honey when I want something a little sweeter.

I hope you all are staying cool out there!


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