My Petunia

It's been a year, and if I told you that I was okay by now I'd be lying. When Petunia passed away last year it was the most heart wrenching experience for me. I adopted her in 2008. I asked the rescue who had been there the longest and it was Petunia. I didn't bother changing her name because I thought it was cute that she looked so tough with a delicate name. Every since that day she greeted me at door, protected me strangers, strange lights on the wall, and tin foil. She had a favorite toy that was made of indestructible rubber, and I still have it next to her ashes. She was there by side through every struggle in the last 10 years. She listened to all my problems and always licked my face when I cried. She chewed up blankets and pillows, but made up for it in her unconditional love for me, the kids, and Cupcake. She raised Cupcake from a kitten, and to be honest, Cupcake has been different ever since she passed. On the day when she left us, it was so beautiful. We sat on the couch together and watched Coco. We had the vet come to our house. We carried her out onto the green grass, and laid there in the late afternoon. We gave her kisses and hugs. Mary held her through the injections. I smelled her fur for as long as I could because I just didn't want to forget. A piece of me left with her that day. I can't even finish this post without tears. I have so many fun and amazing memories of her, and I'm just sad because I have so much more love to give her. 

This picture is from a past blog post that you can read here: Pretty Petunia

I'm so grateful for all the pictures and video I take. 
I just miss those big brown eyes, so much.


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