Blogging: Why I Removed My Comment Section

In the blogging world you would think having comments on all your post would be really important, right? Wrong. Yes there was a time when all I lived for were the comments on each and every one of my blog posts. Up until my little baby blog grew up and started getting unique views in the tens of thousand every month. To this day, even with my laziness lack of posting, this little blog does very well. It actually gets even more views since I have turned my commenting off.

I know your first question would be: What about engaging with your readers? To be honest I don't think people really come to blogs to treat them like other social media. On Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter we obviously want to engage with our readers/followers. Those platforms were built for that. Blogs were created as a place to gain information or create something for your audience to visit and read, not necessarily engage in. Bloggers are the storytellers of the internet, we are also the informers. We would be taking away from our content if we have to go through every comment to reiterate the story being told. Plus only a small amount of visitors leave comments anyway.

I have found that since I have disabled my comment section that I have one less site I have to monitor. I'm on the PR team for the 501st New England Garrison,Green Mountain Squad, and Alderaanbase. I'm quite the busy little social media guru, while also monitoring my personal accounts. I have to say Facebook is the worst out of all of them. People feel like they say whatever they want there without a filter. Luckily pages can be set up to catch certain words and hide comments until later approval. I just have to say there are a lot of people who lack tact.
Anyway, if you have the time to juggle all the social media channels and handle all your blog comments, more power to you! In fact I'm super jealous if you can do that. I have so much going on in my life on a constant basis that I have no idea how I handled it in past. I know for a fact I was constantly checking my email, and was very worried that people would leave inappropriate comments. Even when I had my comments set for approval it was quite challenging to find the time to reply to each comment while trying to not sound like a robot. I mean how many different ways can you say thank you? And if I'm being completely transparent here, No comments means I can write more freely. I can write about topics without backlash directly in my tiny little corner of the internet. Of course there are other ways to contact me, but this little blog is safe from the cruel harsh world of internet trolls, though I've discovered all the sights where those people hide.

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