Star Wars Celebration 2019 Chicago - Day 1

To be honest I don't know where to begin? Maybe I will just start at the beginning...

Last year the tickets for Star Wars Celebration Chicago (SWCC) went on sale. Of course when they went on sale I had to wait to buy my tickets because I wasn't sure I was even going to go to the event in the first place. Of course by the time I decided to purchase tickets the only tickets left were the individual day passes, instead the 5 day passes. It was a bummer but I decided I would try to buy at least the Friday and Saturday passes, which I succeeded in. At the same time a bunch of my friends all wanted to go in on an Airbnb together to help cut costs with where we would stay. In the beginning there were maybe about 12 of us, which changed the closer we got to April. Life happened to a lot of the people in our group and we even had to cancel the Airbnb and get a new one 2 months before the trip. Luckily my friends are some pretty resourceful people and everything ended up working out regardless, though there were some major panic moments even before the trip began.

Did I mention we took a train?

My best friend Greg drove up from New Jersey a couple days before we headed to Chicago. I drove Greg and Mary to the Amtrak station in New York where we met up with our other Friends Hayes, Ashley, and Katie. From there we were on a 15 hour ride to Chicago. To be honest, the coach class wasn't so bad. There was plenty of space to be comfortable, but the trip was very bumpy. Not going to lie, there were a few moments through the night that I thought we were going to derail. Luckily we didn't. We arrived safe and sound. We dropped off our stuff and headed to the Airbnb. We arrived on Thursday, but that day will be another post since we didn't go to Celebration yet, we did a little sight-seeing instead.

Friday morning came quick! Our group got up and dressed and headed to SWCC via Uber. I have to say I think we spent most of our money on Ubers! It was well worth it though. The main highlight of my day was being at the Star Wars Episode IX panel. It was the most amazing experience that a Star Wars fan can ever experience! I never expected to be at one of these panels ever, so to actually be there was a dream come true. The teaser trailer was amazing, and the standing ovation Kelly Marie Tran received was tear jerking. Not to mention the fact that later that day I was able to get a selfie with John Boyega! The picture is below.

Asians in Space Photo op

Day 1 for me was that Friday and I had way too much fun! If you notice that there aren't any pictures of our little squad, well there are more pictures to come. That day I did a lot of wondering by myself and got a lot of great selfies! All the selfies were with friends and people I know that I happened to run into. Except for that cute Jawa, that was hip hop Jawa and they were adorable! 

Anyway, this is only day 1, and I have so much more to share! Day 2 is when I cosplayed as Rose Tico and had such an amazing time. That post will be up soon!


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