Ravenclaw Rose

I need to do some major catch up! I haven't posted here since my birthday, and man have I been up to a lot! Since my last post I have moved yet again. I will do a house tour soon, I promise, I just have been crazy busy. I have also changed careers again too. So much change! Yet in the midst of all this change I try to have some fun, so this post happened. I dressed up as Rose Tico as a Hogwarts student. I am a huge Star Wars fan (like you didn't know) but I am also a huge Harry Potter fan too. From the countless quizzes I have taken, they have all told me that I am a Ravenclaw. I also think that Rose would be a Ravenclaw too. I like to wonder where the sorting hat would send other Star Wars characters? I know Kylo Ren would totally be a Slytherin. I also see Chewie being a Hufflepuff.

Hopefully I can find some time between now and mid April to do a few more posts about our new place and my new career change. I have gone through so much change in the last two months that I am surprised I have not gone crazy! My next adventure is going to be Star Wars Celebration in Chicago and I can't wait to tell you all about it! If you see me there make sure to say hi!

"Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure."-Ravenclaw Motto 

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