Lost In Drafts - I Love My Cats

I was scrolling through my old posts and found that I have quite a few posts sitting in draft mode. I've been feeling pretty nostalgic lately so I think until I have them all updated I will start a series called Lost in Drafts.

This post was started back when we first moved back to Vermont from New Jersey in 2015. I edited it a little bit, and tried not to cry when I got to the bottom where there is the cutest picture of my late beautiful Petunia (who passed away this last summer) cuddled up with Cupcake. These two use to cuddle all the time. This was also written during a time when I had 5 cats. When I was going through my divorce Leaf and Doc went to Ohio to live with my ex, so I no longer have them...

I Love My Cats
As you know, or don't know, I have 5 cats. Yes you read that right, five fur balls of love. It's been a while since I last posted about my cat love and I'd love to show you all how everyone has been getting along since Leaf and Doc have joined our family.
Hanging out in the windows is everyone's favorite...all day! 
Raja is the baby and loves water! She loves getting in the shower with you too.
Doc loves hanging out with my daughter on her bunk bed.
Here is Mr. Kovu looking handsome even in an unmade bed.

Our furry family is like any family. Different personalities all wanting to be loved. These guys all hang out, play together, and eat together too. Leaf loves to bathe everyone! He has even tried to bathe Petunia. Cupcake is the only one who sleeps with Petunia.  
Petunia is the one who is always protecting her pack of 5 cats. I think it's really sweet. Cupcake is curled up with her here. Petunia has raised her since she was a kitten and I'm pretty sure she thinks she is her mommy.
Having a lot of fur babies is hard work but I think the only complaints I have are cat litter and 3am play time. it's very common to hear something falling and crashing! For the cats we 3 huge litter boxes that we scoop twice a day. Oh! I also forgot about the hair...soooooo much hair!

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