Casual Rose Day

After seeing all these Disney Princesses and their casual outfits I thought I would do a casual Rose Tico. I was suppose to go troop a Make-A-Wish event today, but I wasn't able to make it due to the weather in Vermont on Hoth. I already had my wig on and ready to go and I didn't want to waste an opportunity for  pictures. so I threw together this outfit. I'm wearing a t-shirt that says: Crait - Salty Place, Sweet Escape. I think it's pretty spectacular. I also have on a my favorite porg necklace.

After running around outside like a weirdo in freezing rain, I came in for lunch. I had left over hibachi salmon. Could I be more stereotypical?  What can I say though? I just really love fish and rice and it was so delicious! 

Oh! Before I forget, I also got an Ewok Onesie! I ordered it two months ago and I thought the maker was never going to send it and it finally arrived this morning! Can you tell I'm excited?
I told everyone I was just going to wear this for the rest of winter. No one thought this was a good idea. Adults should be allowed to wear onesies whenever they want. Kids shouldn't be the only ones allowed to have fun, or be comfortable. Oh well. 


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