2018 At A Glance

Photo by Katie "The Unicorn" Foster

What a year it has been! I didn't blog as much as I was hoping too, but hey, I did change the name of my blog (insert shrug emoji). Anyone else feel like texting has ruined their grammar skills? Anyway, some pirate stole my old blog domain and apparently I can never get it back so I decided to just change the name of my blog to my screen name that I use on everything. I barely have to re-brand, not that blogging is a huge part of my life anymore. Though I do have to say it's absolutely amazing to see other bloggers who I have known since 2010 have grown as entrepreneurs and have moved on to be professional photographers, models, and business owners! Not me though. I did jump on the wedding photography bandwagon for awhile, but fell off about 5 years into it. It's just not for me. I did my last wedding this year. As much as I love photography I don't want it to be my job. I love it way too much. Unless I can get paid to be a nature photographer. Then I wouldn't mind doing that for a living.  Wedding and portrait photography are not my thing.

This year a lot of change and loss has passed through my life. I am sure it is one of the many reasons why I love so fiercely. I know it has been said time and again, but we really don't know how much time we will have among the living. My friend Mike passed away early in the year, and then my beautiful Petunia passed early in the summer. Shortly after we lost Mary's brother suddenly in his sleep. He passed right before his 46th birthday and right before I was suppose to meet him.

 Speaking of Mary, she is still here. Ha! We have been together for 3 years now and she hasn't left us yet. I know that might sound like a strange statement,  but I don't have the best of luck in relationships. Friendships I am great at! Partners on the other hand are a whole different ballgame. I'm a handful, and then add in my exuberant teenagers and fur babies, and you have quite the circus. Not a combination that the weak can handle. I feel that she has fared very well. She needs a medal.
Especially when we all fell apart after losing our family dog.

 Aside from many hardships this year there were a lot of incredibly fun times and new adventures that were had. I was even able to read a book and finish it this year. I know that doesn't seem like a huge accomplishment but for me it is. I know a lot people who can read books so fast that I'm not sure they even know what they read.  I like to get into the story and absorb each character fully. I also have dyslexia which can make reading/writing a challenge, regardless I don't let it stop me. Plus I have a super busy life and it can be quite the achievement when finishing a book. The story was about time travel, which I love, so it was able to hold my attention.

Also my super cute friends got married!
Via: Chasing Fireflies Photography

Mary and I were both bridesmaids and it was such a blast! We met these two love birds through our Star Wars costuming group (501st Legion) and we just clicked. In fact the whole wedding party is our our small tribe. I love these people so much! It's nice to have found friends that are awesome people in so many aspects. Not to mention extremely talented! I'm so blessed to have them in my life.

My friend Quinten as Kylo Ren at the Lake Monsters game in Burlington, VT.

Cosplay played a huge part in my life this year. Being a character that shows my face, and that has been faced with a lot of criticism, made me a little nervous at first. Fortunate for me I love criticism and I'm not scared of anyone who does not share the same beliefs as I do. In fact some of the most meaningful conversations I have ever had have been with people with different beliefs and political views. Living my life as a gay Asian woman (who is also a mother) has never been easy. I have had to face a lot of discrimination for many reasons, but discrimination will never stop me from portraying a character in a fandom that I love. I love Rose Tico. When I first saw The Last Jedi the little girl in me was filled with so much joy! When I saw what some of the so-called-fans wrote about her made me sick. Not to mention how they cyber bullied the star who played her. It didn't stop me from finishing this costume, in fact it may have fueled my fire. I wore it to troops and braved the see of fellow nerds at Boston Comic Con and some smaller cons. I received nothing but compliments and it was amazing. I have plenty to say if I am ever confronted by negativity but it has been nice to not have to say anything. Seeing the smiles on the face of every little girl I meet is priceless, especially when it's their mother who is more excited then they are.

Quote by F.Scott Fitzgerald
I have done a lot of writing this year. I'll never stop writing, even if my dream of becoming a well known author never comes true. I finished another collection of poetry that I have been submitting to publishers. I have also been trucking along on that book I constantly mention that I'm constantly writing. I hope that since it has taken me about 4 years to finish said book that it is going to be good. It could also possibly be a flop. Either way I will publish it, even if I have to self publish. Other than that I am also finishing up my memoir and a diary-style short story. You can say I've been a busy little bee; hence why I have put blogging on the back burner. 

This year has been so crazy that I could write a book that too...oh wait! I am. I will really have to get my editors special gift baskets when the time comes. They are going to have their hands full for sure.

Anyway, the year isn't over yet and the holidays are right around the corner. I'm hoping to get a few more posts up that will cover Thanksgiving and Christmas. 'Cause if it isn't posted on the internet or social media, did it really happen?


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