Outfit Diary - A Sunny Day

Oh hi! Has it been forever or what? I haven't done a blog post for quite sometime, but life around here has gotten super busy. I'm currently in-between jobs and also back in regular therapy to help out with some of the negativity that has been in my life. Though life overall has been good for the most part. Spring has finally arrived in these parts, and it feels spectacular to have the sun shining on a regular basis. It's been so refreshing.

I have also discovered that I have a lot of food allergies. In April I decided to start a cleanse. I started to follow the Candida Diet. I had a lot of symptoms that pointed to a yeast overgrowth. I thought why not? Can't hurt right? I started out slowly and cut sugar first, then gluten, legumes, and heavy starches. I also started to cut fruits that were high in natural sugar. In the process I discovered that I am allergic to potatoes. Potatoes are my favorite! Unfortunately they cause me to break out in hives. Since this cleanse I have seen all my symptoms clear up. I have also dropped a lot of weight. I'm still wanting to lose about 15 more pounds, but I'm 20 pounds lighter than last year, and that top I'm wearing could not close before and I can now tie or button it up without issues. I feel great, and I'm never tired. My hair also seems thicker and has stopped falling out. Yes you read that right. My hair was coming out in clumps and I had no idea why. Strange how just changing what you eat or don't eat can make such a huge difference. These pictures in this post are also not edited and are without any filters. I'm so happy that I figured this out and see this as a lifestyle change, not just a diet. I have almost cut out processed foods completely.

I am still dealing with my bipolar/ptsd/anxiety and I feel like I am in a really good head-space. I just finished a 10 week program and it was amazing. I have so many amazing friends and family that are so supportive and I don't know what I would do without them. 

I also just want to add that I went to Fenway Park for the first time! It was a lot of fun, and my social anxiety is starting to get a lot better with large crowds. I went in costume with the 501st New England Garrison and Alderaan Base, which if you are new here, I am a member of both. I also handle Public Relations and Event Coordinating. I can't even begin to tell you how much fun I have with all these amazing people. 

Well I think I have pretty much caught up on what has been going on here. Obviously there has been a lot more, but not anything that is super important. I have been living life day-by-day. One thing I did forget to mention is that my beautiful baby Petunia, who is my rescue dog, is dying of cancer. She is such an amazing dog and you can visit an old post I did for her here: Petunia. She is being super spoiled and loved, and though I will be very sad when she passes, I know that we have given her an incredible life filled adventures, yummy food, and lots of love.

Well that's about it. I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather out there, until next time.

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