It's My Birthday!

Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season! Mine were pretty low key with a touch of drama, but hey, what are the holidays without a little drama? It was also a stay-cation for me! That's right, I had all that time off. You would have thought I got a lot of cleaning done, or even a little writing, but nope. I pretty much got way too much sleep. If I'm going to be completely honest my depression was in full control and the weather was absolutely dreadful. I love the snow, I hate extreme temperatures. I can't be anywhere where the outside temperature is above 75 or -25. I think I like 55-65 degrees the most. So of course the entire time I'm on vacation it was below 0. 

Enough about the weather and onto my birthday! Can you guys believe that I'm 37 today?! Thirty freakin' seven! that's only 3 years away from being 40 and I still have so many things I want to accomplish before I'm 40. I feel like I was just 18 yesterday. Anyway, I have really learned a lot as I have grown, but I think the one thing that I find the most important is how you spend your time. Yes I might have been stuck at home freezing my butt off during my vacation, but I spent time with my kids, and all my animals. I read books, I added more to my book, got inspired, and most importantly relaxed. Time is so important and it doesn't wait for you. If I could go back to 27 or 17 yr old Eeka I would tell her: "Time is the most precious gift you can give someone, but it is also a thief. Chose wisely on who and where you will spend it." Knowing this is probably why I get so anxious. 

Anyway, I've been getting so many wonderful birthday wishes! Also plenty of hilarious ones! Thank you guys for taking the time to wish me a Happy Birthday!


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