Currently - Fall Edition

If you're a regular here on Live.Love.Random. you would know that I do a little post called Currently. In fact a lot of bloggers do. Feel free to copy my currently topics and do your own and share your link in the comments so I can read your posts! I actually love going back and seeing my old currently posts just to see how much I have grown or changed since then. You can also visit a couple of my posts here: Currently and Currently . It's one of my favorite posts to do.

Current Mood: Motivated

What a change!? I'm usually super un-motivated, but lately I have been in a let's-get-shit-done mood. In fact I have been replacing a lot of stuff around the house slowly. That picture above is my new door mat. The old one I had was really old! It saw me through 2 marriages in fact, and I felt that after I had spilled coffee all over it, that it was time to go. This new door mat is much more colorful and welcoming. My daughter loves it too! I've also replaced all my silverware and dishes. I mean why not?

Current Procrastination: Student Loans

Can I just say yuck. Good news is I do not have to pay them back anytime soon. The yuck part is all the paperwork. I have to go in and re-do my deferment, but I'm really glad that I can still do that for the time being. Bills are so stressful as it is. I'm just glad I can put this one off until I have my car paid off. 

Current Hair: Black and Greenish Teal

First let me apologize for all hair and lint on my dress! Ha! I am a real person and at the time had no idea all that was on there. To be honest I didn't feel like photoshopping it out either. Anyway, my hair is still 2 colors. I have it thrown up in a messy bun, which has been the hair-do of choice as of late. it's still half black and fades into a greenish teal color. Which you can see more clear in this post HERE.

Current Movie: Blade Runner 2049

If you haven't seen the original Blade Runner I highly suggest watching it before you see the new movie. There's also a book. One thing to keep in mind though is that it was made when special effects were lacking a little, so it's kind of cheesey, but the new movie is super awesome! A group of my friends and I got togther and watched the old version first and then we all went opeing night for 2049, which was last weekend, to see it! It's worth the watch, though I am kind of bias because I'm a huge Harrison Ford fan.

Current Fandom: Star Wars & Stranger Things

I am Star Wars obsessed! Yet, I do leave room for other fandoms. Right now Mary and I are re-watching Stanger Things for it's next season premiere. I can't tell you how excited I am!! Our friends will be hosting a Stranger Things marathon at their home and you know I will be spending the night to binge watch it! Joyce is one of my favorite characters, probably because I can relate to her a little too much. I also can't wait to see Eleven!

Current Truth: Weight

Like I mentioned in my last post, I'm on a weight loss journey. I have good days, and I have bad days. I try to capture pictures on my good days. People really dont understand the strife mental illness can cause, especially when it comes to eating healthy and staying at a healthy weight. Slowly but surly I'm getting there. I was almost 170 about 10 months ago on my small 5ft frame. I'm now around 147 with a goal weight of 135.Maybe even more later, but not bad so far. 

Current Book: Poetry by Pavana Reddy

I have so many books in my collection that I need to read, but I discovered some new poetry! Pavana Reddy is a writer who I feel is basically writing everything I feel. She has published a book of poetry and I want it! It helps me to read like-minded writers work to keep me focused and motivated, and she is one of them. I have a second book of poetry in the works and I want to finish and have it published by the end of this year. It's going to be much longer than my first, which you find here on Amazon.

Current Obsession: Strawberry Crush Soda

Okay, I just want to say that I never drink soda, especially since I have been trying to eat more healthy. But who can resist a cold fizzy drink flavored like a popsicle from my childhood! Not this girl! I was inncocently walking through my local grocery store and this little 4-pack of bottled heaven jumped right into my shopping cart! I didn't even notice when it made it through the checkout into my fridge! I wan't about to let it go to waste...HA!

Current Love: Flowers

Flowers, flowers, flowers! I always have a vase of fresh flowers on my dining table whether they are store bought or wildflowers from my beautiful yard. These flowers are mums and they are on a small bench in the back of my house. I also have another pot of these with burnt orange ones at my front door along with pumpkins.I have potted plants indoor that sprout flowers too. I am a sucker for some pretty flowers!

Currently Looking Forward To: Halloween! 

Can you believe that Halloween is right around the corner?! I feel like it totally crept up on us! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays for so many reasons. First of all because Fall is my favorite season! I love pumpkin spice everything (yes I'm that person) I have no shame! You'll catch me making pumpkin spice chocolate chip bread in the spring. I pretty much just love pumpkin. 2nd is all the fun decoartions! This holiday lets you have fun with things that you normally wouldn't want around your house, like spider webs! Not to mention all the costumes too! Such a super fun holiday!

I hope everyone out there is having a beautiful Fall season! The picture of the trees above are pretty much what it looks like everywhere here in Vermont. I feel like it has been very windy though, which means our peak season was short lived. A lot of our beautiful leaves are now on the ground. This will start our "stick season" which is the precursor to winter! Oh boy!


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