Currently blog posts are probably my favorite posts! I've been doing them for quite awhile now. It's a simple summary of what I have been up to lately and I try to do one of these posts at least once a month. (When I'm blogging on the regular) If you're looking for a simple post idea you can grab my list anytime and join in! Leave me a link to your blog or list so I can check it out.

Current Mood: Unmotivated
It's true, I've been feeling super unmotivated lately. My depression has kicked in because I've been dealing with a lot of anxiety lately. I did take a big step and go to the doctors and they decided that I need to go through a lot of treatment to get back to a good place mentally. Last year I was diagnosed with recurring ptsd, generalized anxiety disorder, and panic disorder triggered from a traumatic event that happened. I was in therapy but stopped going, which was my fault. For what it's worth I had a panic attack going there once because of the drive and slid backwards down a snowy hill in my car. I then tried to walk up said hill and fell half way down and never went back. So my doctor promised that his staff will find me a therapist on a normal road in town. I can laugh at this now, but I was in tears at my doctors.  

Current Procrastination: Medication
Along with the different types of therapy my doctor wants me to go through, he also prescribed medication. If you know me personally, you would know that I am not a fan of pills. So we will see how that goes! 

Current Hair: Black and Blue-ish Grey
I'm not sure if you can tell in the picture but I went through a ton of processing to get my hair that color! I just have to say that I love it! But if you are thinking about doing your hair this color just be prepared! You have to get your hair white. That's right, in order to get grey you have to have white hair. We had to bleach my hair 3x's to get it white and it still had a green tint, which had me going back for my stylists to add more color to cancel out the green! I think we spent a total of 8 hours on my hair! So I'm lucky it didn't break off! I totally love it, even though I'm spending a lot time conditioning and repairing now. 

Current Movie: Moana
Have you seen this movie?? If you haven't you are totally missing out! It's such a cute movie! I rented on TV the other day and had it playing on-stop. I'm part Pacific Islander and it's so awesome to see a Disney Princess that is an Islander. I'm so in love with this move!

Current Fandom: Star Wars
Some exciting news that I haven't mentioned here is that I am now in the Rebel Legion which is the sister club to the 501st Legion. The difference is that the 501st is the darside and Rebel Legion is the Light. I am now a member of both with my one costume, which allows me to troop in any Star Wars costume now! I'm currently working on an Admiral Daala costume and next I'm hoping to make a Padme or Handmaiden costume.  

Current Truth: Love
The other day when I was doing dishes, Mary came home and brought me roses. I just melted. I'm very girly and old fashion, so flowers and chocolates are the way to this girls heart! I know it sounds silly and cheesy, but I love flowers! It's the little things that count, and it's nice to feel truly loved.  

Current Book: My Own
I'm so excited because I'm adding pages daily! Who knows, I may even finish my first draft for both books this year. It also helps with my anxiety. I'm reading other books on the side when I can to keep motivated, but I am having so much fun watching my characters grow that there is no lack of motivation in this department!

Current Obsession: Training My Dogs
I don't know if I have ever mentioned it here, but our dogs are currently kept separated. But have no fear, we have a trainer and she is fabulous! She has taught us so many techniques and has given us hope that our babies will be able to be together without us worrying. We've been slowly introducing them to each other. They have even learned more tricks!

Current Love: My New Phone
I bought an Iphone 7 Plus and I'm so in love with it! I have had a dinky LG phone since last July because I gave my iPhone 6 to my son. I'm excited to have all my pictures back! I can't tell you how much I like the iOS over Android. And yes I got the Plus and no it's not too big for me.

Currently Looking Forward To: My New Costume 
Like I mentioned above I'm in the middle of making an Admiral Daala costume. I just ordered the uniform and I'm sure I will have to alter it when it gets in. I still have to get a bunch of other pieces together like the red wig and hair clips. I can't wait to complete it!

I hope everyone is having a great week!


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