Around The House - Star Wars

vintage toys

There's nothing else that screams Nerd! like having Star Wars all around your house. We have everything from pillows to vintage action figures. All the paintings you see are done by Mary and I. I painted the BB-8 and R2-D2 in the picture that has our Lego's in it. This Fandom is found all throughout my house, along with Doctor Who and Harry Potter. Those are my top 3. I also have a lot Star Wars toys that are kept in hiding, and we are waiting on Mary's vintage Millennium Falcon. It's huge! And we want to hang it from the ceiling in our bedroom. We are constantly collecting, and I can't wait to get more!

Do you have any nerdy things that standout in you place? I also have Star Wars all over my desk at work. Which you can check on my Instagram. Total nerd here!


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