Star Wars toys

Current Fandom:

I mean would it really surprise you if I said something else besides Star Wars? Believe it or not, but I'm actually a huge Doctor Who fan too. But Doctor who came later in life. So yes, I'm still here geeking out over everything Star Wars. I can't wait to get my next costumes made for the 501st. I have a couple in mind, especially one where I don't have to wear a mask or helmet.

Current Hair:

This has been my go-to look, loose curls, add flower viola! I'm very excited that my hair is now touching my shoulders! It's hard to tell in that picture but soon it will be long again and I can't wait! I use to do a lot of fun hair styles when it was longer and I miss that. I'm also thinking about going black and adding some purple peek-a-boo streaks.

Current Mood:

I guess my current mood is meh. if that counts as a mood? I'm kind of over the cold weather and I can't wait for spring! I also want to move really bad. Our place is just way too small and we live off of a main road. I have to hear big rigs on a regular basis, which can be very irritating.

Current Movie:

I just watched a movie from the 90's called How To Make An American Quilt. It stars Winona Ryder and it has all the feels! Mary and I have been on a 90's movie kick lately. I have to tell you that it really makes me miss the days without smart phones. I mean I know smart phones have only been mainstream for maybe 10 years, but I hate them. We waste so much time in those alternate realities now. I mean look at our president who is constantly on Twitter. Sad.

Current TV:

I guess the news? Er, I mean the fake news? Ha, ha! Also Saturday Night Live. I can't get enough of it! I've been watching every single episode. I've also been watching Big Bang Theory re-runs and How I Met Your Mother. Those are the shows I watch when I just want something on in the background.

Current Truth:

Stormtrooper helmets

Yes that's me, bottom row, in the middle. Mary and I, and some of our Star Wars cosplaying fiends, performed on stage at Drag Ball. What is Drag Ball you ask? Well it is one of the most exciting yearly events held in Burlington Vermont. It's a night when you dress up and have fun, and no one will judge you...well except the Drag Queens if you enter the costume contest! We danced on stage to a Star Wars disco song and it was crazy! Now, how does this relate to my current truth? Well This night helped me prove to myself that I am still capable of being me. Struggling with mental illness can feel like you are fighting for yourself, and getting up on that stage was a huge accomplishment. I grew up dancing and performing and I never thought I would be up on a stage again! I'm not going to lie though I missed some moves and there was a moment when I almost ran off stage, but I didn't! I'm so proud of all of us! And from what I remember there was a lot of cheering!

Current Book:

Time Traveling With A Hamster by Ross Welford. This book is a fun read and I read in this genre to help me with writing. since my novel is in the same genre it helps me with my flow. It also keeps me inspired too. When you are a writer one of the hardest parts is keeping inspired...and finishing. I struggle with finishing my books because I have to work all the time, but I try to set time aside just for writing. Even if it's only for 30 minutes.

Current Procrastination:

From my last current topic I think it's safe to say my books! My memoir has been a tough one to write since I'm covering a period of my life where I experienced traumatic abuse. I don't feel like I'm re-living any of it or anything like that. I almost worry more about being judged. I'm not broken. In fact I have worked really hard to be who I am today. I have overcome obstacles that most people cannot even fathom nor survive. I know I need to just write and get it all out. My other book is being highly neglected also, and I constantly have new ideas popping up in my mind all the time!

Current Obsession:

Cleaning. Like I mentioned earlier I want to move. When I want to move it makes me want to clean. I want to get rid of stuff that I just don't need. This weekend I went through all of the medicine in the house. I got rid of so much! I couldn't believe all the expired stuff we had! We also cleared out the bathroom. I think we are doing well considering how much we have. My kid's have a lot of stuff they need to purge also.

Well I hope everyone is having a good week! If you do a Currently post leave me a link in the comments so I can check it out!

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