Star Wars Cupcakes - Stormtroopers & Jawas

star wars cupcakes jawa
stormtrooper cupcakes finn helmet
Phasma cupcake
easy jawa cupcakes
star wars cupcakes
Happy New Year! I thought why not start the blog off with a cupcake post for the new year! These were a lot of fun to create. I didn't do anything fancy as far as the recipe goes, I just used cake mix right out of the box. I was running around like a crazy person the day I had to make these, so I was not about to make anything from scratch! In fact these are probably super unhealthy, but super yummy at the same time! Nothing is wrong with having a treat every once in a while. I made these for the NYE party we went to and every loved them.

For the Jawa cupcakes...

Dark chocolate cake mix
Milk chocolate Frosting
Yellow M&M's
Crushed sugar cookies or graham crackers
Piping bag w/ star tip

The Jawa cupcakes were very easy! Just bake cupcakes according to the box or your preferred recipe. Let cool so your frosting doesn't melt. It's important to make sure the cake mix is darker than the frosting so there is contrast between them. Jawas have black faces so you could even use black icing or black fondant if you wanted. Pipe your frosting around the top edge of cupcake making sure to make a point for the top of the hood. Pipe two dots for eyes so your M&M's will stick. Add M&M's and sprinkle a tiny bit of sugar cookie to represent the sand, and you're done!

For the Stormtrooper cupcakes...

White cake mix
White Frosting
1 bag of regular marshmallows
Food markers (I got mine from Walmart)
For Phasma we used Wilton's Cool Mist silver food spray

Bake your cupcakes, let them cool, and frost them. I melted my frosting and dipped them so it had a smoother texture. At this point I had to leave and I had Mary decorate all the Stormtrooper heads. I had no idea she was going to do almost every variation she could find! I was really impressed. My favorites are Captain Phasma, FN2187, and the Imperial Incinerator Trooper, but you can just do a regular Stormtrooper helmet if you want to keep things simple. After you decorate your heads just place them on top of the cupcakes. I ended up drizzling more frosting on top. I kind of made mess, but I think they came out cute!

I hope everyone had a great NYE whether you stayed in or went out!



  1. They look so delicious :O
    I would love to try the Jawas! <3
    (huge Jawa fan, I don't think there is enough adoration for Jawas out there)

    1. The Jawa cupcakes were very chocolaty and delicious! I also agree, Jawas need more love!

  2. That's so cute and fun! Definitely going to try the Jawa cupcakes!!

  3. These are wonderful! Also, a very happy new year to you and your family:) I caught up on some posts a bit, so much has changed! Anyway, I hope you're doing fantastically well:)

    1. Thank you! I'm so happy to see that you are still around! So many of my blogging friends do not blog anymore :(

  4. I love these! I will definitely be making the Jawa cupcakes! Thanks for sharing!

  5. These are amazing! We may have to try to make the jawa ones.

  6. Seriously those cupcakes are super cute and something I think my son would totally love thanks for this!!

    1. No problem! After I made them I realized I had to share them on my blog! They were a big hit at the party :)

  7. These are so cute - I definitely need to do more baking this year. If I decide to make these, I'll post them on Instagram + Twitter, plus tag you so you can see the disaster I made. :) Hope you're having a wonderful 2017!

  8. Aww these cupcakes are almost too adorable to want to eat!


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