Star Wars Cupcakes - Princess Leia

Princess Leia Cupcakes

Cute Star Wars Cupcakes

I saw Rogue One again yesterday and right when we got home I put in A New Hope. I can't explain how sad I am that Carrie Fisher passed away. In fact when any actor or singer passes away, it's hard for me to watch their movies or listen to their music for a while. With Carrie Fisher;s character Princess Leia it seems different though. Her character always gave me hope, and she was a bad ass. I loved that she could be sexy at the same time too. So today I made cupcakes in her honor, though it may seem silly, but for me it is a way to pay homage to our beloved actress. In fact the cupcakes came out so cute that no one in the house wants to eat them.

For these Cupcakes here is what I used:

  • 1 box of French Vanilla cake mix (and ingredients required according to the box)
  • 1 dark chocolate frosting (it matches the cookies better)
  • 1 vanilla or white frosting
  • food coloring (red, yellow, green0
  • 1 tube of black gel
  • 1 tub of red gel (or heart shaped sprinkles
  • Cupcake lines (I used plain white)
  • Chocolate sandwich cookies (I bought the generic kind because they are cuter than Oreos)
  • Piping bag (or sandwich bag)
  • Smallest circle tip you have
  • Powdered sugar

I know that seems like a lot of ingredients (hence why I cheat and use a box mix) but it's not. Mix your cake mix according to the box and bake cupcakes. While they are baking get your chocolate frosting ready and your skin-tone frosting ready. For the skin-tone I added one drop of each food coloring color and mixed. If the color is too strong just add a little powdered sugar to lighten it. I had to add the tiniest bit of extra red dye and it was perfect. Remember Princess Leia was kind of pale with rosey cheeks. Once your cupcakes have cooled frost the entire top with the skin tone frosting. Next add a dab of chocolate on each cookie and press it to the sides of the cupcake. Next pipe the hair. This part is very tedious, but be patient. Add two black eyes with the get, and a v-shaped mouth with the red gel. The red gel wasn't my favorite, so I would suggest heart shaped sprinkles if you can find them I had seen another baker use them and they came out cute! I actually had to put my gel in the freezer for a bit so it would thicken up.

Today I only had the patience to make 4 of them and then I just frosted the rest of the cupcakes, and added little Kylo Ren decorations to make them cute. I also made a little cookie cake with the leftover batter, because I only had one cupcake tin to work with. I will be bringing them in to share at work to hopefully brighten everyones Monday a little.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Let me know if you end up making these or if you have any questions!


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