Happy Birthday To Me!

I always start every new year off with my birthday! Well, I kind of don't have a choice, ha ha. Having a birthday right after Christmas and New Years is not much fun. People forget or are just too tired to celebrate. I'm always excited though! My mom put in a lot of hard work to bring me into this world, and I'm thankful for that. 

So here I am in all my 36 years of glory! I have more life experience than I ever asked for, and I'm sure much more is to come. My kids are so big now too, in fact my son turns 17 this month! How crazy is that? Soon they will be off to college and I will have an empty nest, all by the time I'm 40. 

I really don't have many goals as I get closer to 40, except trying to stay healthy and hoping to finish writing one of the books that I've started. I've started a few, and it's time to finish and get published. My other goal would be just to make sure my kids finish high school and get into the schools they want to go to. Maybe one day I'll buy a house, who knows! I try to keep things simple though, cause I'm a simple gal.

I'm not sure what my birthday has in store for me, but I know I'm hoping for some Star Wars gifts!

Have a great day guys!


P.S. If you're wondering why I'm eating cake in the snow...well why the hell not? I love snow and cake!

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