Current Hair:

I'm growing it out again! It's almost touching my shoulders and I'm so excited! I really miss my long locks and all the ways I use to style it. In past relationships I use to cut my hair when I was unhappy because I felt like I at least had control over my hair. I haven't colored my hair in a while and I'm hoping to add some purple back in it. If you're wondering what I use to look like with long hair, you can see my long locks in these posts HERE and HERE .

Current Mood:

Frazzled. Work is busy. Life is busy. Busy. Busy. Busy. We are in our busy season at work and everything just seems like it is piling up. This is also the time of year where I do a check in with school with my kids to make sure everyone is on track.  Nothings worse than finding out they are missing assignments and school is almost over. So I do a January check in. I'm also holiday hung over. My bank account never likes the holidays and we still have 3 birthdays coming up. Hurry up W-2's! My car needs maintenance and I've got bills to pay! *Que the stress sweats!

Current Truth:

Facebook is evil. And if I'm being honest here, I wish it would just shut down completely. I think it has caused more harm in the last few years than any good that it intended. It's such an amazing way to connect with people, but at the same time it can cause things like our election, for example, to be distorted. I hope that they have really stepped up on removing the fake news. All I saw was negativity all last year, but I have made the conscious choice to un-follow any friends that post negative things. Overall my feed is very pleasant, but Facebook still enables people to be rude, when normally face to face they aren't.

Current Book:

The current book I'm reading is Queen Of Hearts and I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to have some new reading material. For my birthday one of my friends brought me a bag of books! That couldn't have been a more thoughtful gift, especially for a writer. I'm excited to see what adventures I will encounter in my upcoming reads. Now I just need to find the time to sit and actually read!

Current Procrastination:

Going through a huge stack of mail. I don't know about you but over the holidays I seem to collect a lot of mail. With everything feeling so busy I manage to just let it pile up. I think it's one of the most unsatisfying obligations as an adult to have to go through countless bills. I pay almost all my bills online, but I do have paper copies come through the mail because sometimes online transactions are not very reliable. I really need to just buckle down and open unopened mail and make all the phone calls I need, like ones about insurance and what not. I know one of the pieces of mail is for healthcare renewal. I just don't look forward to be on the phone for an hour.
(Image Courtesy: KAMiKAZOW, Released into the public domain | Wikimedia Commons)

Current Movie:

I'm sure if you know me or have followed me at all you would know the answer to this one. We are going to finally go see Rogue One again in the theaters. I always try to see Star Wars movies more than once. Though Revenge Of The Sith was one I didn't watch in the theaters or even at home until the last couple years. I don't handle violence well in movies so I have to really prepare myself. It took me almost 10 years just to watch ROTS. I was so exhausted the first time I saw Rogue One I'm sure I missed some important details. I can't wait to see it again!

Current TV:

Don't laugh at me. Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. I can't get enough of either one! Can I buy a vowel!? I also watch Doctor Who and Big Bang Theory reruns. TV isn't in my life a whole lot, but that's the gist of it.

Current Obsession:

Outside my normal obsessions? If I told you it was Donald Trumps Twitter would you hate me? I'm sure some of you out there would applaud me, but to be honest it's more for my entertainment. He is the opposite of what a world leader should be and his twitter account is a prime example. I know he wants to stay in touch with the people, but there are some things that shouldn't be out there on Twitter for anyone to read, including terrorists and people that want to cause harm to the United States. But what do I know since I'm only the daughter of an ex-CIA agent. All I do know is that passports are on my to-do-list, just in case.

Current Fandom:

Once again Star Wars is here for the win! LOTR, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who have been bumped down. In the picture above I'm the Jawa next to the Jedi. Yes I have taken my fandom to whole new level, but it was so worth it! I have gotten to meet and befriend some pretty amazing people! I can't wait to attend more troops and build more costumes. This is the best hobby I have ever been involved in. The best part is seeing people smile. I love it when people quote the movies too.

So what are your Currently(s)? If you do a currently post I would love to read it! And feel free to use my currently list. Leave me a link in the comments!

Yay it's Friday!


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