Cody Turns 17!

First off, what a crazy weekend! Saturday we started off our day participating in the Womens March in our state capitol, Montpelier Vermont. The city reached it's capacity and had to shut down the exits. It was amazing! They were expecting about 4 thousand and around 22 thousand showed up! I love my state, and even Bernie Sanders showed up and gave a speech. It was all very exciting. We left a little early so I could make it home to finish decorating my sons cake for his birthday and my social anxiety hit it's peak.

Cody's Birthday is actually today, and I can't believe my baby boy is 17! When they say they grow up fast they aren't kidding! He invited a few of his closest friends and I had to reel in the reins and not over decorate. I toned down their balloon tablecloth with a gold one and replaced the kiddy plates with his favorite colored ones. He was very happy about that because I'm the mom that loves to go all out with the decorations. He requested a homemade confetti cake, so of course I made a triple layer confetti covered cake topped with his age in gold candles. We played a lot of laser tag and I made sure they were filled up on pizza, soda and candy (instead of goodie bags I just filled a huge bowl with lots of his favorite candy!). Of course all that was left of the candy were the orange and yellow straburts and two lonely jolly ranchers. The night was a sucess and I recieved lots of thank yous. If anyone out there is wondering what their older teenager wants for their birthday, just ask, don't guess! At this age they know what they want, and don't want. It's just that easy.

I hope everyone else had a great weekend!


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