5 Fandom Friday

Hey look! It's vlog number 2 in 2017! I think I need to take more time on producing these videos, but I get so excited/nervous I just want to hurry up and have them done. I promise that they will get better with time! I'm definitely more of a photographer vs. videographer. Anyway, stick with me and I promise they will be movie quality! HA! Who am kidding?! Anyway, as long as The Nerdy Girlie keeps up with 5 Fandom Friday, I will be doing these posts every Friday. That's right, every Friday, my face talking on YouTube! Gives me a chance to become a pro at editing...maybe. Who knows I might get good, or just keep rolling out these cheesy ones. In addition to the Fandom Friday I also added some questions I was asked on good ol' Facebook. Enjoy!

Happy Friday!

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