As I was making my travels through the blogging world I happened to have stumbled upon Ms. Katy over at Oh So Geeky and her awesome Merry Fictional Blog Challenge! I just love these types of posts and seeing other peoples answers. Of course I had to join in!

Advent Calendar: Traditions you celebrate during December?
We celebrate Bodhi Day and Winter Solstice with all the traditional American/Pagan decorations (tree, lights, etc..).

Carols: What’s your favorite song(s)?
"A Marshmallow World" By Dean Martin

Coal: A naughty character you’d send coal to?
Senator Palpatine, aka The Emperor, aka Darth Sidious. He was not a nice guy. 

Fireplace: Favorite Christmas movie that melts your heart?
Elf, and Nightmare Before Christmas, and A Christmas Story!

Gingerbread: What’s your favorite holiday snack?
Cookies and pie!! I know pie isn't really a snack...but it can be!

Mistletoe: Character you’d like to meet under the mistletoe?
Thor!!!! Hellooooooo nurse! He's a hottie!

Mittens: A cozy outfit that keeps you warm during winter?
Leggings and over-sized sweaters.

North Pole: If you could spend Christmas anywhere (even fictional), where would you go?
Hands down that would be Hogwarts! Can you imagine how magical! Not to mention all the food you can eat...yes please!
Via: Nerdist

Naughty: Three characters who’d make the Naughty List.
Tarkin, General Hux, Captain Phasma.

Nice: Three characters who’d make the Nice List.
Rey, BB-8 and Eleven from Stranger Things. (Yes I do watch other shows and movies besides Star Wars, lol)

Presents: A book or movie on your wishlist?
Both book and Movie version of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.

Rudolph: What’s your favorite TV holiday special?
All the parades and The Doctor Who Christmas Special!

Via: Vickster51corner
Santa: A character you’d love to exchange presents with? What would you get them?
The Ninth Doctor! I would get him a banana.

Scrooge: A villain you’d help see life in a different way?
Kylo Ren of course. I would help him see the light.(ha, ha)

Snowflake: Something that makes you feel special?
Mary and my kids. When I'm having a bad day they are always there for me. I love them so much!

Tree: What do you decorate your house with for the season?
A Tree and lots of lights!

BONUS: Ugly Christmas Sweater: Would you wear a sweater Molly Weasley made you or avoid it like the plague?

Of course! She is one of my favorite fictional Moms! 

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season! If you want to join in on the fun too head on over to Oh So Geeky and say hi and see her answers too on the original post! If you end up doing a post, comment me your link so I can see your answers!

Happy Holidays friends!


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